Interview Questions 4

I have heard from a few people that they would be more likely to hire somebody if they were an Eagle Scout. I was not in the Boy Scouts of America when I was a little boy. On a side note, I am glad I never was because they turned out to be a bit of a bigoted mess anyway. I was in Indian Guides instead and I was not incredibly committed to it besides pranking the Boy Scouts on camping trips. So would I factor being an Eagle Scout into my decision if I was making the hiring decisions? Sure. However, there are other things that would impress me. I spent a lot of time growing up playing video games. If you told me you had beaten Battletoads or I Wanna Be the Guy then that impresses me way more than the ability to start fires in the wilderness and helping old ladies cross the street. So here are some interview questions I might ask (and would like to be asked) in an interview.


What’s your favorite Pokémon? Why?

For the longest time, my favorite Pokémon was Growlithe because the idea of having a friendly dog that breathed fire on command was awesome. When I worked in theater, I wanted an electric pokémon like Magneton because it could help me with electrics and could float to hand me things on ladders. I can still remember my original Elite 4 beating team and I think especially fondly of the three original starters and their evolutions. However, that was the past. Lately, I have been getting acquainted with the new generation and unlike the genwunners, I have loved the new stuff and adapted fully. I recently played Pokémon Omicron, a fan game, and fell in love with Hawlucha. I always had a flying type on my team in the past because they were so useful. I always loved the fighting type but never found much of a use for them because they always got wrecked. Hawlucha is different for me. Hawlucha flies and fights and is even a luchador. So, I would have to say Hawlucha would be my favorite because he represents skills I had mastered combined with skills I wish I had mastered.


What was the most fun you ever had beating a game?

I remember beating Super Mario World and being astonished that I actually beat a game probably for the first time in my life. The feeling was exhilarating and amazing and tiring and I did that in front of at least one of my brothers and that was awesome. It was probably the hardest game I ever beat. I struggled to beat many games after that. I rejoiced at beating Kirby’s Dreamland on long car rides as a kid and then beating the secret New Game Plus over and over until I could do it in my sleep. Games used to be harder than they are now but they have gotten better at presenting a great story which really engages me. I got misty when I beat Kingdom Hearts and saw that even though the heroes won, their journey was not yet over. That game was just challenging enough to drive me crazy but the story kept me going forward. However, I think that I had the most fun beating Psychonauts. The game was just the right mix of funny, disturbing and sad. The gameplay was innovative and there were so many different things you had to do. Some parts were hard as hell but they were satisfying. I also liked what it said about the life of the mind and emotions and what it is to be disturbed.

Hand Holding

What part of video games do you dislike the most?

While many parts of video games are designed to frustrate you in order to entice you to keep fighting so you feel like you have accomplished a victory, there is one in particular that I hate. I absolutely hate escort missions. Escort missions are a part of video games where your character must accompany a Non-Player Character from point A to point B. Sometimes that NPC is armed and able to help you out but often they are defenseless and need your protection. I do not object to the concept of these missions. Protecting somebody en route during a dangerous trip is frankly something that comes from real life. The problem comes with trying to manage a character that you have little control over. Their AI is not exactly dedicated to self-preservation and thus you have to risk yourself in order to protect them. It is often worse than herding a cat and more like herding a toddler high on sugar. Moreover, I hate failing these missions because you have to watch the person you were trying to protect die or get hurt. Over the years, the escort mission has improved but it still is an aggravating part of video games.

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