Media Update 9/1/2016

Kubo and the Two Strings

I am writing this Wednesday night before this gets published. I just got back from Kubo and I am so excited to talk about it. It feels like almost every animated film I see these days is the best one I have ever seen. This was no exception. The movie made me laugh, made me smile, made me cry, almost made me cheer and made me dream. It was so well animated in that familiar yet evolving LAIKA style that started with Coraline and continues today. For me, LAIKA is what Pixar used to be. Every story they pick is important to tell and emotionally uplifting and I feel rocked after seeing it. They also still operate with stop motion animation which is so fluid that I thought they had just voodoo’d the models to life. The actors all did a good job but I couldn’t even recognize the famous names (except George Takei) throughout their performance. They became their characters and it was amazing. It also had some pretty spooky moments which thrilled me because I think kids are tough enough to take a few scares. I expected great action sequences like all their films before but I did not expect great martial arts sequences. The loving tribute to Japan and its mythology and folklore was just great to see. I don’t want to say anymore in case I give something away. You should go out right now and see this movie. Right now!

The Little Prince

I never read the book that this movie is based on but it sounds like a book that would have made an impression on me as a kid. When I was of Children’s Book age, I was reading Disney and Roald Dahl which is probably what warped and sparked my imagination at a young age. I heard the movie was really good and I have had a love affair with animation since I was a small child. I am lucky to have lived through some of the best ages of animation and computers have done wonders for the art form. What used to take forever, now takes a lot less time. That extra time allows for animation studios to do even more impressive things with the art and story. Almost anything is possible these days. The animation in this movie is very innovative and incredibly new to me. It combines pure computer generated images with paper animation aided by computers. It literally feels like a book coming to life. The story itself is very sweet, sometimes sad and surprisingly deep for what should be a kid’s story. A lot of that is going around. The main story is about finding the fun in life instead of focusing only on success. It also has a lot to say about human relationships and the importance of friends. I definitely recommend it.


I had seen the posters for Anomalisa and I knew that it was getting great reviews but for some reason, it did not look attractive to me. I did not know anything about it, but the art style looked a little weird and I just was not sure about it. Then the movie was washed away in the glut of movies that come out every year. Oscar season reminded me of the movie when I heard that Dan Harmon was attached somehow. It turns out, the animation was done by Starburns Industries, the same studio that makes Rick and Morty of all shows. I had never watched anything written or directed by Charlie Kaufman but I knew that he made offbeat, artsy films which I usually avoid. I decided to step outside my comfort zone a bit. The animation is pretty neat looking. I would not say that it is beautiful but I do not think it is supposed to be. In fact, the animation feels almost too close to live-action actually. The movie did end up being really artsy and quirky but really depressing. The movie just felt ‘ok’ to me. I loved the concept but it just was not my cup of tea. I think it would have worked better as a short than a whole feature film. I don’t even know if I should recommend it but it was not bad. I will say that this is R-Rated and definitely not for kids.

Music of the Week:
Galantis – No Money
Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold
Crush 40 – One Of Those Days
Dixie Dregs – Cruise Control
Christina Grimmie – Shrug

Weekly Update:
– School started up again but I got a lot of new stuff watched in my week off. Be prepared.
– This week’s theme is “Animated Films not made by Disney or Dreamworks”
– I watched a lot more Person of Interest and now I’m halfway through Season 4
– I watched a little more Dark Matter and I’m almost done Season 1
– I started listening to the TV Crimes podcast and it’s great
– I watched a lot of Law and Order SVU
– I watched a little more Castle too
– I watched a ton of MatPat, Grumps, Commander Holly and other Youtube videos


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    I really enjoyed this movie. More than I thought I would. The animation was superb and a great message for our kids.


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