It’s Still September!

You know what time of year it is but I’ll tell you anyway. I cannot hold off this announcement any longer. Believe me, I tried. For the last two years, I have filled the month of October with Halloween related stuff. For me, Halloween lasts at least 31 days and I celebrate it more vigorously than Christmas. Last year I kicked Halloween on the blog into a new gear and I intend to continue that tradition for the foreseeable future.

From the mind of Tobe Hooper.

The main tradition that I am continuing is that I will fill the month with reviews of movies that are Halloween-y. A lot of the movies are horror movies but not all of them. I like all kinds of Halloween-adjacent genres so anything that is scary, supernatural, dark or silly has great potential for a good October movie review. Basically, I will be reviewing 13 movies throughout the month and then I will review three movies on Halloween itself. The schedule has been set and you will be getting a review every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of October. The selection has not been fully set in stone yet but I can definitely tell you that we begin on October 1 with Invaders from Mars. The selection for Halloween is definitely bloodthirsty.

Look at his eyes, Snipes knows this movie blows.

The movie selection largely relies on accessibility as I do not want to buy dozens of horror movies just to narrow it down to the sixteen. Some movies are hardly deserving of watching let alone reviewing. For example, I like watching horrible supernatural movies but they have to be the right kind of horrible. This is something I figured out last year. I thought it would awesome to watch Gallowwalkers, the Wesley Snipes zombie western movie. I had never heard of it and I thought that watching anything made while Snipes was in a financial panic would be a riot. It was so boring. On the other hand, anything by Charles Band is totally rotten but absolutely hilarious.

This game takes forever but it is really fun and actually inspired me.

I have been working on a horror story that will exclusively be published on the blog during the month of October. I do not want to spoil too much but it is based on my recent forays into Lovecraftian fiction and especially playing the board game Eldritch Horror. I have been playing with the story structure and I really like what I have written so far. I like pushing myself to try new things and I like writing in the horror genre although it is difficult. I really love writing and these stories often just flow from me like a river sometimes. Last October also saw the birth of Fanfictober and I may still write some fan fiction but it has not been written yet.

October Schedule (So Far):

Monday: Movie Review
Tuesday: Lovecraftian Story
Wednesday: Movie Review
Thursday: Media Update
Friday: Movie Review
Saturday: Wild Card?
Sunday: Nothing. I need a day off.

In closing, you will get one more non-Halloween Media Update on Thursday and then Halloween begins on Saturday. So let us end these opening ceremonies with some style and a song that has haunted my phone for a while now.

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  1. bridgetfromcreators Says:

    I really enjoy your blog here and looking forward to all your Halloween posts next month. I’d also love to chat to you about promoting your writing on another platform. Drop me an email if you wanna chat about it.

    Bridget –


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