Felix Graham: Osaka Adventure 10

Felix Osaka

The warehouse was dark and combat was rough and dangerous. Blades were swung, blows were struck and magic was thrown this way and that. Felix found himself scrambling out of harm’s way just as often as he headed into danger to heal a wounded companion. Time and again he was defended by May who would not let any of these wolves in sheep’s clothing touch her cousin. The whole team was fiercely fighting the group that used to be animal rights activists. Felix was glad for their protection and knew that Osaka was glad for it too even if most of them were not aware of it.

At the same time, Felix was feeling more like a legend than he ever had. This is why he had left Sub-Hopkins. He had heard the call to heal and he had just known he was meant for field work. Here he was, facing off against some group of monsters in Japan, almost around the world from his home. They were fighting monsters in human skin inside while there was still a vicious looking dragon outside. Felix could still hear it fighting against Sentinel Daisuke Inoki’s forces as the building shook every so often.

One by one, the Oni fell. Remarkably, Makoto’s team was showing restraint and none of the enemy looked like they were getting killed. It was hard to tell at a distance and not knowing the monsters’ biology but they was still some vague motion and what could be interpreted as breathing. There were plenty of once formidable warriors in the fetal position on the floor in a darkened warehouse. Makoto’s warriors stood firm and steady thanks to Felix’s magic and their own skill and valiant stand.

Finally, there was only one Oni left standing. Well, she was not quite standing and was instead down to one knee. Her face was a grisly crimson mask from a cut on her forehead. May had the point of her sword pressed against the woman-thing’s chest. There was pure hate behind the Oni’s eyes while May was surprisingly absolutely calm.  May was inspiring to Felix, but she had been since they were kids.

“Go ahead and slaughter me, human!” The woman yelled. Her voice was strangely both sibilant and toned a bit too deep. May stayed as still as a statue, keeping the point of her massive sword in that threatening position.

“Human? Then what are you, creature?” Makoto asked.

“That is immaterial.” She replied, her gaze sliding to the side for a moment.

“And if we were curious?” Makoto asked. Felix was definitely curious and he knew the others felt the same way.  There had to be some sense to be made after a terrorist attack like these creatures had committed.  Answers made healing easier and they also made future defense all the more possible.

“Stay curious.” The creature spat blood and grinned.

“Maybe we should slaughter them like she asked,” May said.

“It does not matter. Go ahead. These mundane humans we are wearing are long dead already. They are just convenient disguises for my kind.” The woman-thing said.

“Your kind is finished. You will not endanger this country anymore,” Makoto said.

“The Council of Dragons is larger than those assembled here.” The woman-thing hissed.

“Council of Dragons? What’s that?” May asked. Felix could see practical Makoto taking a mental note and he did the same.  Felix thought about the dragon that was outside and the possibility that this Council meant there were more of them somewhere out there.  He thought back to the dragon encountered in Cockeysville, the one that had triggered is own awakening as a Legend.  What if there were people controlling that dragon and what if there were even more dragons out there?  The thought was chilling but there would be time to discuss it later.

The thing did not respond this time. Instead, the thing moved almost imperceptibly fast and threw a wicked little knife into May’s chest. Ren let an arrow fly but it was too late. Every Oni’s body suddenly burst apart like a water balloon and dozens of things flitted out of the warehouse. Makoto was already at May’s side. The creatures were gone and there was now only one pressing thing that mattered.

“Get ready, Doctor!” Makoto shouted as she gripped the knife’s handle. Felix nodded and Makoto braced her foot against May’s shoulder and pulled the knife out. Blood poured from May’s chest but Felix poured his magic in. He kept pushing back against the tide and he felt the wound begin to knit closed. The veins and arteries began to carry blood and muscle and tissue crept back into their appropriate places. May began to breathe again, her eyes blinking wildly. Ren was cradling her and she clung to him.

“Ren! Felix!” She managed to choke out.  For once, she looked so fragile but Felix knew that it was more mental than physical.  He had healed her almost back to full fighting form but she would need her rest before jumping back into the fight.

“You’re alright now, May. Try and relax for a moment,” Felix said with an exhausted smile. Ren and May smiled back, grateful.

“I shall take care of her,” Ren said. “Maybe you should go and check on the dragon.”

“He makes a good point. Let’s go.” Makoto said and pulled Felix to his feet. She led Felix and Jun outside.  Felix hoped they would not have to face the dragon as the battle inside had been dangerous enough.

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