Movies Explained Badly

I like to think of myself as a good writer. Of course, that is all subjective but many people have told me that I am a good writer and that is what I try to be both here and in my professional life. However, I got way too into a game with friends over the weekend and I thought that I would bring it here. My friend launched us into a game of “Explain a Movie Badly” which is the kind of thing I have seen as a hashtag on twitter. So how about I engage in a little purposefully bad writing? I will put a whole bunch of movies here and you can try and guess them from my horrible descriptions. I have found that the game brings out details from movies that people may have forgotten or never even noticed before. All the movies will be ones I have reviewed in one way or another on this blog and there will be a link to the answer below each bad explanation.

An Example:

A voice actress saves a movie studio.

Can you guess it?

Don’t look at the answer below if you are still thinking.

The answer is Singin’ in the Rain

A job is vacated due to a death and a woman pushes to be the first to claim it.

A young girl becomes clinically depressed.

A man struggles to save Halloween from robots and magic.

A zombie travels a long way for revenge

Three brothers fight off a colorful home invasion.

A high schooler manipulates a girl into changing for him.

Television kills an entire family and a tv star.

A woman fights the effects of aging.

An author hates his past works.

A loser fails his way into a successful nightclub.



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