A Little Bit of Booking

I was digging through my files to look for some drafts to post today and I found some very old stuff.  I put a lot of work into writing all sorts of stuff about a sports entertainment company that I invented.  I put a lot of work into it and I thought I would post a sample of some of the booking for the first two shows.  I am not sure it makes sense but I have always wanted to do something with this since I put so much work into this on lunch hours.  I may do a little more with this at some point but I am not sure.

10 Man Half and Half Battle Royal
for First Contender’s spot for the Heavyweight Championship
Paul Manning (w/ Missy Clarke), Billy Washington, Leo Knight,
Johnny Tsunami and Miller Sinclair.
“Cowboy” Carver, Judge Soren, Tigre Puro, The Void (w/ Raven)
and Tom Morris

– Comes down to Paul Manning vs. Judge Soren – Victory: Paul Manning
– Paul Manning nearly breaks Johnny Tsunami’s back- Out for three weeks
– The Judge eliminates the Void – Starting their feud
– Leo Knight eliminates Miller Sinclair – Setting up claim for Impact Championship

Heavyweight Championship Match
Adam the Wolf vs. Sylvester Storm (c) (w/ Diana Covington)

-Diana intercedes with the Dotted Line
-Up until then Adam had it sewed up with the Wolfcry
-Afterward, he receives the 300 dollar kick to the back of the head

“Smashing” Sammy Burke and “Flying” Fred Donner vs.
The Brothers of Sorrow (w/ Natasha)

– Short-ish match that shows the ferocity of Burke and Donner
– Fred counters the Zero Point into a small package
– Ends with the Power Plant followed by the Sky Dive on Omen

“Stunning” Libby Sawyer vs. Raven (w/ The Void)

– Raven tries to bring The Void with her but the ref sends him back
– Raven almost pulls out a win with the help of her cane but Libby kicks out
– Libby hits the Tornado DDT for the win

Match for the Anything Goes Championship
Anything Goes Rules
Tommy Turino vs. Caleb Calloway

– Tommy Turino is outclassed through most of the match
– Tommy hits Calloway with a chair three times but Calloway keeps coming
– Calloway Delivers a Gorilla Press Slam into the chair
– He hits Turino five times with the chair
– Finally, he launches him through a table with a Release German Supplex for the pin

Show Two, Cycle A

Tigre Puro vs. Mark Hawthorne
Roberto Malone Kevin Crystal (w/ “Cowboy” Carver)

– Debut Match for Mark Hawthorne and Kevin Crystal
– Debut of The South together as a team
– Tiger Cutter from Tigre Puro on Mark
– South Ride on Tigre Puro and Dismissal on Malone for win

Burke and Donner vs. LePage and Domser
Tag Team Championship Match

– Burke and Donner play it clean while the Corporate Tag Team cheats when possible
– Burke nearly gets murdered in a double team outside of the ring
– Donner faces off alone against LePage and Domser
– In the end, Burke manages to get back for the hot tag only to get destroyed for the pin

Billy Washington vs. “Cowboy” Carver
Anything Goes Rules

– Classic Speed vs Power bout
– Washington dominates the bout
– Carver makes a comeback and nails Washington with the Overeasy

Adam the Wolf (w/Fairy) vs. Paul Manning (w/Missy Clarke)
First Contender’s Match

– Spear following communication snafu between Missy and Paul
– Missy slaps Adam to set up German Power
– Adam reverses it to a sunset flip
– Fairy superkicks Missy off the apron
– Adam hits the Wolfcry twice for the win

The Void (w/ Raven) vs. Judge Soren

– The Void throws Soren around in the early outset
– Soren is the more technically capable
– He blocks the Darkshot and turns it into the Execution
– After the match Void puts him through the announcer table
– Through another table
– Then finally the Chains of Fear mid-ring

Leo Knight vs. Miller Sinclair (W/ Diana Covington)

– Miller gets the upper hand when Knight misses with the Knight Kick
– Miller hits the Power Play but only for a two count
– Knight pulls off a chop block followed by a german suplex
– Miller tries to reverse it for the Contract Play
– After suspenseful minute Knight reverses it to the London Cross
– Ed LePage distracts ref for Diana to hit the Dotted Line on Knight
– Miller rolls up Knight for the finish


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