The Meyers-Briggs test is a great tool for determining who you are and how you fit in. It is not the entirety of you but it helps form working model of how you tick. It also helps managers and bosses figure out how you might work in a team. I have taken the test several times over the years and I have gotten the same results over and over.



I is for Introvert

I am an introvert which is not necessarily as debilitating as it is sometimes made out to be but it comes with its own set of rules and obstacles. An introvert is not a shrinking violet or a wallflower. Extroversion and introversion are mostly now classified on recharging of the batteries. Extroverts get energy from being around people and Introverts get their energy back from being alone and having time to themselves. After a long day at work or a long party, I cherish my alone time. Given the choice, I usually do not want to be around people but I do like people for the most part. The strength of an introvert is that we are more likely to go off and think about a problem. I love being given tasks and going off and completing them. I love relaxing on my couch at home while I write for this blog or create a new D&D character or just relax and watch a movie. When that is done I feel refreshed and ready to tackle social situations again.

N is for Intuitive

Intuitive people live the world of the mind. Specifically, Intuitive people see the big picture and are very good at grasping concepts and ideas as opposed to concrete facts. I love ideas and concepts sometimes for their own sake. That is partly why I enjoyed working in the theater. We worked a lot at things that we had to imagine that we could not yet see. As a stage manager, I had to mind the details but I always had to keep an eye on the big picture. I like the big picture because it is something everything needs to fit into. Facts and details are important but you must always arrive at the bottom line. Finally, intuitive people like to visualize and explain concepts in a figurative or poetic way. I am constantly, trying to find an analogy or a story to explain something just after somebody explains it to me. It helps me break down and understand what I have just been told.


T is for Thinking

Thinking people are level-headed and reasonable. I know this sounds like a no-brainer but everybody thinks they act this way. Of course, this is not to say that the people who are the alternative (Feeling) are total loose cannons. It is just that people who lean toward Thinking are more likely to approach decisions in an impersonal way. When I was studying the law in college recently, people would protest the law as we had to write about it. “That’s not right!” they would say and I would agree with them but it does not matter. The law is the law and it makes decisions a lot easier when I am doing paralegal work. I like making practical decisions because I more often do what is needed or what is right. Of course, we can debate until the sun goes down what ‘right’ is but by then I have already made the decision. I value justice and fairness, part of what makes me a bleeding heart liberal. Thinking people also like tearing arguments apart which is really fun and a great benefit to my work as a paralegal. While I wish sometimes I could be a little more Feeling (and when it comes to anger sometimes I am), I like to think things out more.


J is for Judging

Now, this last one has more potential to get me into trouble. Judge is already a word that has bad connotations in popular culture and in reality. The only people we want judging people are actual professional judges and we barely agree on that. But this Judging is not so much about criticizing or passing judgment on people. Judging people always want matters to be closed. I love finishing tasks but more than that, I like decisions to have finality. I do not like open-ended situations. When I make plans, I get bothered when the plans have to suddenly change because of somebody else. It makes me a little bit inflexible although I am learning to be a little better about it. I just really like know what I am getting into on any given day and, while I enjoy a little adventure, I want that adventure to be on my terms. It is hard for me to be social on a whim and that figures heavily into who I am. It also makes me want exactly what somebody wants from me explained instead of vague instructions. I just prefer things written in stone. Like all the others on this list, this is a strength and a weakness.


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13 Responses to “Meyers-Briggs”

  1. Tamara Gerber Says:

    I’m fascinated by personality tests. Took the Meyers-Briggs one online. This is what I scored:

    Introvert(31%) Sensing(31%) Feeling(28%) Judging(3%)

    Strange, I expected to end up with a “N” as well?!

    Happy Easter!


  2. Jz Says:

    INTP here – I like the explanation of defining extroverts and introverts by how they charge their batteries. I’ve had a lot of arguments with people over time, “You can’t be an introvert – you like people!”
    Yes, I do like people… I just don’t want to be around them all the time.

    Happy A-Z’ing!


  3. blikachuka Says:

    I think I got a few different results at different times… but I reckon I can tell I am predominantly introvert :P


    • Wolf of Words Says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard that before. That’s probably why places insist on doing the test again instead of relying on older results. People do change. It took me a long time realize it but introverts are great and super useful members of society.


      • blikachuka Says:

        Susan Cain wrote a book all about the positive things about introverts. (I think I have a review scheduled for later this month). So I don’t see introversion as a bad thing- but just wish that others didn’t either- I think some people can interpret it as being cold or reclusive.


      • Wolf of Words Says:

        Or timid and weak. There are a ton of good things about introverts. By trade I am a researcher so going off on my own to solve a problem is par for the course.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan Says:

    I’m also an INTJ. It’s always a pleasure meeting another one!

    Sandra Ulbrich Almazan, Science Fiction/Fantasy Author


  5. Stephanie Faris Says:

    I took that personality test a long time ago but I can’t remember what it said about me. I know it definitely said I’m an introvert, and I still am! The one thing I remembered from the test was that it said I tended to be more extroverted when I’m in a situation where I’m comfortable. I definitely close up in unfamiliar situations.


  6. Personality Database | Wolf of Words Says:

    […] had posted previously about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is an amazing insight into your personality and I absolutely suggest that you […]


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