Media Update 9/27/17

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

When the first Kingsman movie came out, I was excited because it was from the same director as X-Men: First Class, a great movie. The first Kingsman was a fantastic action/spy film with a lot of quirky humor along with some great themes. They tackled the clash between the upper class and the lower class in England, human aggression and a lot of other great stuff. This sequel once again follows Taron Egerton as a young agent who used to be a bit of a hoodlum. He has learned the value of self-respect and growing up to be more responsible (in the first move). Now, he continues that arc in trying to grow up by learning how to maintain trust and relationships in general. The villain is the delightfully insane Julianne Moore who just sparkles in every scene she has. Egerton is joined again by Colin Firth and Mark Strong but he is also joined by Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal, and a surprise guest I do not want to spoil. Throughout all of the action and intrigue, he still has to keep things solid with his love interest from the first film (Hanna Alstrom) who just happens to be a princess. The film was very funny, exciting, and even touching in some places. I definitely recommend it.

Santa Clarita Diet

After watching stuff like iZombie and Shaun of the Dead, I realized that zombies do not have to be that boring on the screen and apparently the makers of this show thought the same thing. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Oliphant play a married couple who are real estate agents with a daughter. They live in the suburb called Santa Clarita on a little cul de sac. One day, Drew’s character dies and immediately comes back as a zombie. She suffers no loss of intelligence, mobility or lividity. Instead, she suffers an incredible craving for raw meat and a drastically reduced ability to control her impulses. The show is about how a suburban family in California tries to deal with the mother and wife suddenly becoming a zombie. Apparently, this is rare in the show’s universe because nobody knows what is going on. Instead of medical experts, they rely on information cobbled together from movies, television, and comic books. They try to keep under the radar which is hard since Drew’s character cannot restrain a lot of the random ideas in her head. There is a deep sense of unease through the whole show but that accompanies all of the comedy and action. I am only four episodes in and there are so many great celebrity guest stars and cameos. I also recommend this although be warned, it is very bloody.

The Good Place

I love Kristen Bell. This is a proven fact ever since I discovered Veronica Mars during a low point in my life (also the same period when I discovered Firefly). I will watch just about anything she is in, no questions asked. So, when I found out that they had given her a new television show, I just had to check it out. To my surprise, my mother had already watched most of it and, when I visited, we watched the season 1 finale together. I did not fully understand what was happening but I liked the characters enough to move the show up on my list of things to watch. The show follows Bell’s character who awakens in The Good Place (kind of like Heaven but not exactly) where she is told she has died and this is her eternal reward. Unfortunately, she realizes that the powers that be got the wrong Eleanor Shellstrop. The right one was a relief worker and charity foot soldier. Bell’s character may have the same name but she was a horrible person in life and now she needs to try to fit in or she will surely find herself in The Bad Place. The show focuses a lot on the character interactions as Eleanor tries to become a person worthy of the reward she received so she can stay blended in. The show tackles a lot of actual theories of ethics developed in the history of philosophy. I definitely recommend it if you like funny supernatural situational comedies with a strong cast.

Music of the Week:

Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag

Yui – Laugh Away

Stitches – Brick In Yo Face

Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry

Old Crow Medicine Show – Caroline

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Keeping Secrets”
– I started watching Gotham Season 3
– I watched more Glitter Force Season 2
– I watched more House of Cards Season 2
– I watched more Little Witch Academia Season 1
– I watched more Rick and Morty Season 3
– I watched more Bojack Horseman Season 4
– Halloween starts next week (Three days!)


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