Media Update 10/19/17

Cult of Chucky

When I watched the Curse of Chucky last year, I was wary of what I heard was a reboot. I loved the weird five-movie franchise starring Brad Dourif as a foul-mouthed killer doll. I was unsure if lightning would strike twice if they tried again. Thankfully, the movie was a soft reboot and the best of both worlds. By rebooting the tone instead of the lore, they breathed new life into the franchise. To me, the Child’s Play and Chucky movies were never really scary. They were more silly than scary. By making Curse into a thriller, they somehow made it scary. Cult continues in that vein with a more psychological approach which is fitting since the movie takes place in a mental hospital. This movie continues not long after where Curse left off. It follows Nica but the movie also seeks to reintroduce the lore and plotlines from the original Child’s Play movies. Best of all, Brad Dourif is both funny and scary as Chucky. I was legitimately scared for the characters on screen for the first time since maybe the second Child’s Play movie. This movie also sets up for yet another sequel which would be the eight in the series. Thanks to the soft reboot the series does not feel tired or overplayed in the least. I definitely recommend this one.

Beyond the Gates

I never played VCR board games as a kid. As a teen, I played DVD versions of Trivial Pursuit but I never encountered the horror VCR board games until I found them uploaded onto the Internet. They are cheesy and rely a lot on drawing the victims in and jump scaring them. This movie is a loving tribute to those board games but more so to the VCR portion of them. The movie is definitely very modern but it also has a lot of Eighties throwback elements. This matches the movie of two brothers revisiting their childhood in the Eighties. The movie does not have much gore but it has a very gloomy and eerie mood. It was the kind of feel that tightens my gut, like waiting in line for a haunted house. Some of the actors have been in horror movies but nobody was famous but everybody did a great job. The character of Evelyn was the best, the woman in the VCR, guiding us through the story. It is not in itself terrifying but it also confronts more realistic fears beyond the supernatural threats that are relevant to my life right now and more terrifying than any ghost or demon. I wholeheartedly recommend it as it harkens back to the 1980s and 90’s pretty well.

13 Demons

Let me get one thing out of the way right away: I am not prejudiced against people who drink and smoke weed. I am kind of prejudiced against people who only smoke and drink and seem to do nothing else. The protagonists of this movie are three guys who are hard-drinking, wake and bakers who seem to do nothing but play video games. I guess that’s at least one of the reasons that the acting is so sleepy and slow for most of the movie. These guys find a predictably ancient and cursed board game and things go wrong. However, the movie is not really clear on what’s going wrong because when you have characters who always act weird when they ‘start acting weird’ it’s hard to tell for a while. About halfway through, the movie starts to pick up in the style of a psychological horror movie. Parts of the movie reminded me of playing games like Eldritch Horror with my friends. We sit around a table and move our pieces, roll dice, and read a lot of lore from little cards. These are not the gamers that I ever hung out with but the gaming experience is similar. Of course, the horror aspects are the part that is drastically different. As the movie picks up, it does get a lot creepier and more fun to follow. Still, there was not much meat to the movie. I would not recommend this movie as there are so many better horror movies in this vein.

Music of the Week:
As Blood Runs Black – My Fears Have Become Phobias


Hardwell, Austin Mahone – Creatures Of The Night

Queens of the Stone Age – The Evil Has Landed

Primus – The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Deadly Playthings”
– I watched more Glitter Force Season 2
– I watched more Santa Clarita Diet
– I watched more Blindspot Season 1
– I watched more Little Witch Academia
– I continue to watch Critical Role everyday

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