It Suits You

The Jack of Hearts leaned back in his chair and tilted a mug of beer down his throat. He maintained that position until the Queen of Cups walked over and pushed his feet off of the table. She had always resented the laziness of the Hearts. Though, if she were to be honest, she resented the Diamonds more for the wealth they lorded over the town. But there was nothing to be done about that. She could not very well bankrupt the Diamonds or hope to steal their wealth for her own. She earned her coin by doing honest work helping her family tend the bar. Which brought her back around to the laziness of the Hearts and how infuriating it was. Especially when it left scuff marks on a fine table.

“Sit like a normal lad,” she said. “And do not drink so greedily especially if you cannot afford the next glassful.”

“Generous lady,” Jack started, his silver tongue immediately sounding syrupy sweet. “Surely you would still give me one more to warm me on my way home.”

Jack was not unhandsome.  His long chestnut locks were the envy of many in the town, even some of the ladies would have raided the Coins’ bank or made a deal with the Wands to get such fine hair and a fine smile to boot.  Still, the laziness was a major turn off.  It was an obstacle that the Queen felt was insurmountable.

“You would be wrong,” The Queen of Hearts said. “And if you tarry too long then I will call the Ace of Clubs to haul you off. Hopefully to beat you.”

“You are heartless, madam,” Jack said.

“Would that it were true,” The Queen said. “Then you’d no longer be sitting there.”

“You wound me,” Jack said. “What could make a woman so cruel?”

“If you’re looking for a wound, I think one of the Swords left a fine blade here as payment once. I could run you through.”

“I’m going, I’m going!” Jack said, bounding to his feet. “But remember that a Heart is always ready to repay kindness for kindness.” And with that, he put on his hat, adjusted his coat and walked out the front door into the night.  The cold air whipped through the place as soon as the door was open and it was a little difficult to shut. The Queen quickly locked it behind him to make sure that she could close the place in peace. A warm bed was calling and it was impossible to sleep late in the town. The Spades’ rooster was so damned loud.

She turned and was astonished to find a young girl sitting on the counter. She had a rapier strapped across her back.  She had long copper red hair tied into a loose braid and, although she had the bearing of a soldier, there was a humble beauty to her as well.  The Queen could not help but smile to see such a nice, familiar face at the end of a long night.

“Closing up already?” The girl asked, a sly smile on her lips.

“The Page of Swords as I live and breathe,” The Queen said. “Back from the academy, at last, I see.”

The two of them hugged as Page came down off of the bar. Both of them smiled brightly.

“All hail the Queen,” Page said. “Mistress of her domain at last.”

“Foolish girl,” The Queen said. “I was 10 when my mother died and made me Queen like her mother before.”

“I don’t start fights,” Page said. “I finish them. I am assigned to defend the town.”

“Fighting for truth and justice,” Queen said.

“And helping out the Clubs where I can,” Page said. “Law-keeping and hunting.”

“And what are you hunting for tonight?” Queen asked.

“Just you,” Page said. “My oldest, dearest, and loveliest friend.”

“Well, shall we go back to my room and see how friendly we can get?” Queen asked.

“I thought you would never ask.” Page said.

The two of them reached the stairs and soon were taking them two at a time, eager to reconnect after a long time apart.

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