Media Update 2/15/18


I have been a Christopher Meloni fan for years. I became a fan when I first watched Law and Order SVU but I had a feeling that he could do more than that character. I was right. I had watched Wet Hot American Summer long before SVU but I never made the connection. When I recently rediscovered WHAS, I was astonished to see Meloni in a quirky and funny role. This show has him in a darkly comic, weird role that really makes me laugh but I also feel for the character. He plays an ex-cop who is now basically a homeless hitman who is being given a second chance to be a hero. He has a death wish so his nonplussed reactions to danger are both scary and funny. He is guided on his mission by a little girl’s imaginary friend played by Patton Oswalt. Patton’s character (the titular Happy) is a pure innocent who is slowly corrupted by traveling through the bowels of society all while struggling to stay good and loyal. Patton must have drawn on both his stand up’s dark humor and his experience doing kids animated movies. I am only a few episodes in but I really want to see where this is going. I wholeheartedly recommend it but it is dark.

Cloak and Dagger

I stumbled upon this now-obscure movie because I was suddenly interested in imaginary friends after watching some episodes of Happy!. I consulted TV Tropes and I was intrigued by the basic premise of this movie. Also, I found out that it was written by Tom Holland (who would go on to direct such great movies such as Fright Night). Holland and the director’s intention was to create a suspense/thriller that is for kids. The movie is about a young boy named Davey whose mother recently died and he is being somewhat neglected by his hardworking father. He is obsessed with a game about a spy and he has gotten a little girl and a game store owner obsessed with the game too. You might already see where this is going. He stumbles upon a real spy plot and finds out what that world is actually like. Along the way, he is guided by the fictional spy he idolized (and played as). The boy is played by Henry Thomas and he plays the internal conflict between excitement and fear really well. His neighbor and best friend is played by Christina Nigra and she is appropriate sassy and surprisingly capable for a really little kid. Dabney Coleman plays both the boy’s father and the spy the boy idolizes forming obvious but charming symbolism. The movie is very suspenseful but it is also very charming and I really enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. I definitely recommend it.

Donnie Darko

This is a weird movie but I knew that going in. I have wanted to watch this movie ever since it came out but I just never have for reasons. The movie largely deals with issues of time travel through supernatural and not science fiction means. It also deals with human psychology, sociology, and religion. The movie also deals with the rising anti-intellectualism that was sweeping the United States during the early 2000s and still takes root today. The main character is played by Jake Gyllenhaal who is great at playing a disaffected youth who is caught in the middle of insanity and forces beyond his control. Along the way, he is shepherded by teachers played by Drew Barrymore and Noah Wyle. He is opposed by ignorance in the form of Betty Grant and Patrick Swayze. He has allies in sassy Maggie Gyllenhaal and intelligent Jena Malone. This is the kind of movie that is hard to describe without spoiling it. It is also hard to capture with just a description because this movie is just a lot to take in. The movie puts forward a lot of interesting ideas about a lot of subjects, most importantly causality and time travel. Along the way, there is a lot of dark, offbeat humor mostly from characters who are easy to hate and characters who are very warm and inviting. Of course, it does not hurt that the movie is set in my favorite month. I definitely recommend this movie as it is something you kind of have to see yourself.

Music of the Week:
Metric (and Brie Larson) – Black Sheep

Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension

Nate Wants to Battle – Delete Me

The Black Satans – The Satan Of Hell

The Struts – Kiss This

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Imaginary Friends”
– I started watching Criminal Minds Season 11
– I started watching The Good Place Season 2
– I started watching The Librarians Season 4

– I watched more Mad Men Season 1
– As usual, I watched some of my YouTube shows like Game Grumps, DCA, GTLive, KittyKatGaming, and Critical Role
– I have also watched some Barry Kramer and RubberRoss on Twitch

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