Media Update 3/8/18

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale

I was not really planning on watching this show and when I decided to watch it, I expected to let it play in the background while I did other things. I had never watched The Soup and I was instead familiar with Joel McHale from Community mostly. McHale has a fun arrogant charm in his delivery that ends up making as much fun of him as his targets. The show is a continuation of The Soup as it makes fun of media on a week to week schedule. It mainly targets reality television (McHale seems to have sworn an oath of enmity against The Bachelor) but there are plenty of other clips he makes fun of. He pokes fun at his new bosses (Netflix), soap operas from around the world, daytime television, and even pro-wrestling. He plays clips which he comments on but he also does plenty of lighthearted skits with cameos from the kind of celebrities who don’t take themselves too seriously. (Kristen Bell!) The show is light humor and a nice break from a lot of the more political humor that I watch elsewhere. I am eagerly awaiting the next episode after shotgunning the first three. I definitely recommend it for the surreal skits mixed with crazy TV clips.

Other Space

I got really curious about Paul Feig after watching him make cameos on the Joel McHale show. I decided to look up some of his other television shows since I have not been overjoyed over his movies so far. And so it was that I stumbled upon this show he made that probably very few people watched because it is only on Yahoo Screens. The show is about a crew who accidentally get transported to another universe that is unexplored. In a way, it is kind of a parody of Star Trek Voyager combined with The Office. It focuses on a small group of characters who are trapped on a ship and thrown together in different situations and forced to interact. The ship is captained by a character played by Karan Soni who most moviegoers may know as Dopinder from Deadpool. His weak-willed but kind character is in charge of a group of misfits and tries his best. He is backed by his abrasive and by-the-book sister played by Bess Rous. The ship’s navigator is Milana Vayntrub, probably most known for her AT&T commercials. The ship’s computer is basically a flighty model (played by Conor Leslie), more interested in people liking her than doing her job. The crew is rounded out by the comedy talents of Trace Beaulieu, Joel Hodgson, and Neil Casey. It is a really quirky, offbeat show that was canceled quickly but I recommend it.

Freaks and Geeks

I had heard a lot about how great this show is and how sad that it was canceled after one season. It started the careers of a lot of people who would go on to become very famous. This is a union of two of the most popular current Hollywood directors. Paul Feig (the reason for the season this week) was the writer and creator of the show. He obviously went on to create other TV shows but also hit movies like Bridesmaids, The Heat, and the Ghostbusters remake. Judd Apatow was the executive producer on the show and directed a few episodes and he went on to do all the stuff you already know about. The show is largely about two kids growing up in 1980. The first is played by Linda Cardellini and she is a high schooler who is tired of being a good girl and starts hanging out with the resident high school burnouts (Freaks). The other major character is her brother played by John Francis Daley who is a nerdy kid just trying to survive freshman year in high school and maybe get a date with his crush (Geeks). Each of their plots intersects in each episode since they live in the same house and go to the same school. The Freaks are played by James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel. The rest of the Geeks are played by Martin Starr and Samm Levine. The show is really fun and the dialogue and the characters are believable. They capture the ridiculousness and the ennui of high school but also the bond between school friends. I will definitely be watching more of this and I recommend it.

Music of the Week:
Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You

Red Handed Denial – Trespasser

Yours Truly – High Hopes

CL – The Baddest Female

She & Him – In The Sun

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Paul Feig Television”
– I finished Criminal Minds Season 11
– I watched more Peaky Blinders Season 1
– I continued watching Black Lightning Season 1
– I started watching iZombie Season 4
– I started watching Schitt’s Creek Season 3
– I watched Game Grumps, Barry Kramer, LordMinion777, KittyKat Gaming, and Critical Role on YouTube.
– I think I will eventually have to give Bridesmaids and The Heat a shot.

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