A to Z Theme Reveal 2018

So it has come to this. This is my fourth year taking part in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. The first year was such a thrill, trying like heck to finish each post before the deadline. I thought I was in over my head that first year but somehow I hung on and I finished everything on time. I was exhausted. However, I was also immediately brought into the larger blogging community and I felt like a legitimate badass. I knew I had to do it again. About that time I renamed my blog and began to get serious about things and started to work towards a regular schedule. For the next challenge, I wrote a lot of it ahead of time. For the third challenge, I was done writing halfway through April. I am ready to go again and I look forward to another fun (and weird) April.

So who am I? I go by the tag Wolf of Words for a reason. Growing up, my mom was a transplant from South Carolina who moved up to my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Her family did not understand her desire to move north among the Yankees. This only made her grow closer to another family member who had moved to the north to Ohio. My Great aunt supposedly taught my mom to howl at the full moon. My mom, in turn, passed that on to her children. It taught me not to take life so seriously and not to be so self-conscious. It also made me stop and appreciate the world around which in turn brought out my creative side. So why words? I have been a writer ever since I could remember. My brain is a constant fountain of words and at some point, I decided to harness that instead of letting it go to waste. Writing is easy for me because words just fall out of me, tumbling onto the page both good and bad.

What is this blog normally? This blog is usually a mish-mash of what I find interesting. I never settled on it being just one thing and I made my peace with that a long time ago. The blog encompasses my interests and I am overjoyed if those interests ever intersect with your interests. My normal schedule is Monday – Thursday – Saturday each week and I have kept to that schedule for a long time now. Thursdays are always a feature I creatively named Media Update. It is a feature where I watch three new things a week (television, movies, stage plays) and then I do quick spoiler-free reviews. Saturdays are often for fiction writing and I have several ongoing stories and one-shots that make an appearance. Mondays can be anything I want but I often want to do something personal on that day. You can see archives of the regular features on this blog to the right.

So, I should probably get to the reason why many people might be reading this. This post was supposed to be a theme reveal for the challenge so I should probably get on with it. This month’s theme is:

Geek Pride

I am a big ol’ nerdy geek and, while those words were used as insults in the past, I have long since decided to own who and what I am. I take pride in knowing a lot about pop culture and trivia. I also take pride in the many pop culture fandoms that I belong to. (Shout out to fellow Critters, Tweethearts, and Lovelies just to name a few!) So posts this month will generally have to do with my geeky interests. This is a bit of a cop-out since most posts the rest of the year are the same but what are you going to do? Report me? To the theme police? As I write this, I pretty much have my first week written and I am still trying to work ahead. You can expect movie reviews, personal messages, media commentary, short stories, and probably fandom gushing. So get ready because I am getting fired up myself.

I will be reading other people’s blogs and responding to any serious comments left on my posts. This challenge is about writing for me but it is also a major chance for me to connect with other people. Many of the blog links to the right come from people’s blogs that I subscribed to. If you read my blog and think that we might be kindred spirits, give me a shout in the comments. There are so many blogs that participate that it is easy not to see everybody’s blogs even in a month. I would love to hear from you with your suggestions. I love my geeky pursuits, fiction, non-fiction, and the American judicial system just for starters. If you do not guide me, I will just wander around like I usually do.

If you are still reading this far, I feel compelled to plug a very personal part of my blog. Please consider coming back here in October. For the whole month of October, I honor my favorite holiday which is Halloween. For me October is Halloween. So, if you feel the same way or you are just a bit curious, please come back. I will be reviewing several horror movies and it is also the one month during which I write fanfiction. All of the reviews on this site have little to no spoilers. Full-length reviews talk just as much about how I connect with the movie or why I watched the movie as how the movie itself was. So come get spooky with me later this year.

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20 Responses to “A to Z Theme Reveal 2018”

  1. Nilanjana Bose Says:

    …but what are you going to do? Report me? To the theme police?

    Loved that! :)

    Hi, here from the A-Z and in my view the most interesting posts are those which are done with passion and reflect the writer’s unique insights on any particular subject. ‘Write what you know.’

    All the very best for a fun and successful A-Z



  2. Natasha Duncan-Drake Says:

    Yay for happy geeks :) I very much look forward to seeing what your daily posts will contain. Good luck for April.
    Tasha’s Theme Reveal


  3. artistpath Says:

    Greetings kindred geeky spirit! I love your post and I’m excited to see what you share in April!


  4. Morgan Says:

    I cannot wait to read all about Geek Pride!
    My blog is also a mish mash of things, so I feel you on that.
    My theme for the A to Z Challenge is Untheme because I couldn’t say “Totally Random Posts for April”
    Happy Writing!
    Once Upon a Time


  5. Deborah Weber Says:

    I will most definitely be back for regular doses of geeky goodness in April – how fun!


  6. Silvia Writes Says:

    Well, that sounds like a lot of fun for both writer and readers. Looking forward to visiting.
    Good luck with the AZs from a fellow AZer


  7. Gail Says:

    Greetings from a fellow Yankee! Sounds like we can expect quite a bit of variety here come April. Bring it on! see you then–

    Gail Park
    Making Life an Art


  8. Tarkabarka Says:

    Yay! I love a good geek theme :) This will be fun!

    The Multicolored Diary: Weird Things in Hungarian Folktales


  9. randommusings29 Says:

    I love this theme idea. I love reading stuff like this, it’s always really passionate and I love a good geek out about my favourite shows/movies/books


  10. printedportal Says:

    Yay! Geekery! love your theme. I am looking forward to reading more during the challenge.


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