Heather and Hel

The elevator always took forever. It took forever to arrive and then the trip took forever. Heather tapped her foot and checked her phone again, swiping over to play a game while she waited. She knew that she would not have any signal once she stepped into the elevator and not for the rest of the weekend either. She had already changed her outgoing message accordingly and set an auto-response on her e-mail. It was a little weird getting cut off from the world like that but the girls weekend was a time-honored tradition. Of course, these weekends used to be a bit different right after college but Heather was dedicated.

Finally, the elevator dinged and the doors slid open. It was surprisingly clean. Heather knew that the elevator regularly transported bodies and blood and stuff so there must have been a great cleaning service. She turned off her phone, picked up her bang, and stepped into the elevator. Her heels clicked on the marble and the sound was pleasing to her. The place was always stylish as heck. There was a comfortable sofa in the elevator and Heather knew it was just for her. She kicked off her heels, set her bag aside and lounged on the couch for a good four-hour nap as the doors closed. It was hard work as a social worker and, as rewarding as it was, she needed a break.

When the doors dinged again, she woke up and checked her hair before putting her shoes back on. She grabbed her bag and stepped out into the busy lobby. The place was just full of people with all sorts of grievous wounds that must have been mortal. It was easy to bob and weave through all the staggering people with a dumb look in their eyes. It was also really cold and Heather cursed herself for forgetting to wear a jacket again. She got to the reception desk and rang the bell. A blue-skinned woman walked over to the front desk, her body making creaking and cracking noises as she moved. Her breath came out in clouds of ice crystals.

“Sorry, for the wait. I’m half ice giant on my mother’s side and sometimes it makes me a little slow,” the woman said. “Will I be assigning you a room or are moving on to Valhalla?”

“Oh no no no,” Heather said. “I’m just visiting.”

The woman just stared blankly at her, one of her eyes drifted away for a moment before she refocused. “Just visiting? Name?”

“Really?” Heather asked. “How many people come visiting?”

“Name?” The woman asked again with a literally icy glare. Out of habit, she looked down and saw that the woman’s name was Katrin.

“Heather Marks,” Heather said. She even fished out her ID and held it up.

“Alrighty Heather,” the woman said. She held up a keycard. “Please proceed to the penthouse. To get there – “

“I’ve been here before, thanks,” Heather said with a smile. She took the keycard and headed to the second elevator. With a swipe of her card, this elevator was much faster. She happily shouldered her bag and hummed a little tune as it lowered to the penthouse on the lowest level. She stepped into the hallway as soon as the doors opened and then she made her way through the front door. “Hello?”

A paper-white pale young woman with jet black hair stood up from in front of the glow of a large television and rubbed her eyes and yawned. “Yo, Heather! Welcome to Hel!”

“Thanks, Hel!” Heather said and the two of them hugged. “Isn’t it weird that your name and the name of this place are the same? I mean, it would be weird if I lived in a place called Heather, right?”

“You get used to it,” Hel said. “It’s nothing like living in the dorms at Hearst with you, though.”

“Yeah,” Heather said. “it was a lot more lively for sure.”

“Literally,” Hel said. “Thanks for coming down here for our girls weekend this time. I know you wanted to go to the beach but you know I don’t tan well. Besides, I just got done hosting some of my stupid uncles on their way to visiting Valhalla.”

“Oh yeah?” Heather asked. “Like the one with the hammer?”

Hel laughed. “Yeah, him and the rest of them. They visit more than my dad does. I really hope they don’t stop by when they swing back through. I wouldn’t want to interrupt our weekend. I’ve been so excited.”

“Yeah? What were you doing when I walked in?” Heather asked with a smile. Hel’s secret sanctum was nothing like the rest of her domain. It was much warmer for starters. It felt more like early spring than mid-winter. It also had all of the latest entertainment technology, stuff that Heather could never afford. One of the many reasons she had been willing to visit Hel instead of Ocean City.

“I just got the latest Monster Hunter and I was giving it a whirl,” Hel said, walking Heather back toward the TV.

“Didn’t you literally grow up around your father’s monsters?” Heather asked.

“Pfft,” Hel said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Dad’s monsters are totally lame. Hunting them would just be a pain in the ass. Just ask Tyr. We should play together! It’s so much fun.”

“Totally,” Heather said. “I brought blurays too.”

“Oh man,” Hel said. “It’s been so long since we binged movies. Oh, and I have plenty of other stuff to binge too.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” Heather asked.

“Well, for starters I got us two whole pizzas,” Hel said excitedly. “Like that special we used to get back in college.”

“Oh man that was the best,” Heather said. “Just don’t tell my trainer.”

“Our little secret,” Hel said with a mischievous smile. “This is our weekend to be bad.”

“Exactly what girls weekend should be,” Heather said.

“So what do you want to do first?” Heather asked “Video games? Movies? Pizza?”

“Why not all three together?” Heather asked.


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6 Responses to “Heather and Hel”

  1. moondustwriter Says:

    some girls have it all. Love the 4 hour elevator ride.
    Happy A to Zing


  2. Silvia Writes Says:

    Why not have it all indeed? Makes no difference at that low point anyway. :)


  3. M. K. Waller Says:

    “I don’t tan well.” :-)


  4. randommusings29 Says:

    I really enjoyed this :)


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