This is Halloween 2018

As summer ends, the shadows begin to creep again as darkness gains power. A chill wind starts to blow through the streets and people start to think about jackets in a futile attempt to battle the cold. Yes, winter is coming but before it can a different sort of cold is coming. This has nothing to do with temperature but everything to do with spirits and impending doom. The leaves are the first to fall and then the insects start to disappear. We start to stay inside a little more. The time is just right for frights.

On Monday, October starts and here on this blog that means the start of Halloween. In my life, I embrace Halloween year round but I truly celebrate it during the entire month of October. That means the blog gets very Halloween-centric in two days. As of this writing I am still working out a proper schedule based on availability and my own desires but so far the schedule is working out like last year. I was a little concerned about doing so much but it feels so effortless as I get more and more excited.

There will be 13 movie reviews going up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  These movie reviews are mostly spoiler free and are as much about my thoughts and experiences as they are about the actual movies. So far, I am reviewing movies that I genuinely enjoyed so I do not want to spoil them for you.

On Thursdays, I will be doing my regular Media Update feature but all of the movies or shows I am reviewing will be Halloween-themed somehow. As usual, these will be extremely non-spoilery and are just my first impressions on whether or not I would recommend them. Each Thursday, I will also post the schedule for the next week so you know what to expect each day.

On Saturdays, I will be continuing my fan fiction/alternate universe story series Aftershocks. This third installment will be titled Playthings which may give you some indication as to this chapter’s villains and references. The series is built on me often not mentioning characters names especially not trademarks because I find that fun to do. Granted, I feel like the references are easy to guess except maybe the villain of Chapter 1 and a cameo in Chapter 3.

On Halloween itself, I will be reviewing two movies that have some sort of connection with each other.

Halloween is important to me and this is a challenge I dreamed up and have let evolve over the years. I have gotten better at movie selection and overall production so I am excited to see what this year brings.

The first week’s schedule is as follows:

Monday October 1 – The Final Girls (2015)

Wednesday October 3 – The Neon Demon (2016)

Thursday October 4 – Media Update on Stephen King stuff

Friday October 5 – The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Saturday October 6 – Aftershocks: Playthings Pt. 1

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