Media Update 12/6/18

The Rookie

I have been a big fan of Nathan Fillion since I first saw him in Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I then came late to Firefly and finally fell in love with that too. Castle was absolutely great as well. However, when I saw the ads for The Rookie I was not sure about a more serious role for him. However, it is not exactly that. The Rookie casts Fillion as a man who enters the police academy during a midlife crisis and he takes to it. The show follows him in his rookie year as a police officer and it is pretty good. The show is actually about three rookies and their respective training officers. Like Castle, the show leans on comedy but has plenty of drama. They get into some serious situations but also approach the lighter side of policing, mostly through segments on public relations. Each episode, the three trainees learn new lessons about how to be a better officer and a better person. As with most shows about the police, it is an idealized version of the police with relations between the public and the police force being relatively stable and almost no racism. The cast has a great mix of people who approach policing from different perspectives and it is an interesting cross-section of what a police force should be. I recommend this show.

The Good Doctor

This was something I recently sat down and watched with my mother as we relaxed after filing a complaint. It was not a show I would have chosen to watch as I had previously dismissed it as a pale imitation of House. However, that was doing it a bit of an injustice. The show stars Freddie Highmore as an autistic kid who proves himself to be a skilled surgeon and is hired by a hospital. Highmore plays it well, giving the character a lot of heart while also having him not understand a lot of human interactions. He is mentored by Richard Schiff who is a great, accomplished actor. He is backed up by an ensemble cast of interesting actors who play doctors and nurses. The show is paced pretty well and it has more heart and thought in it than I thought it would have. What helps is Schiff’s awesome performance and how people react and act around Highmore’s autistic doctor. Everything is handled with care and it provides a lot of interesting character moments. I may start watching this at some point. I recommend it.

The Resident

This show was kind of confusing but granted I jumped in at a later point in the show and would probably need to go back and watch in order to figure out what is going on. The hands down best part of the show is Malcolm-Jamal Warner who plays a sage and calm surgeon. He mentors a rising star surgeon who is over from Africa to learn how to be a better surgeon and she is played by Shaunette Wilson. However, the actual focus of the show is Matt Czuchry who plays a doctor in his residency whose father owns the hospital he is working for. His colleague (actually a nurse but overqualified) and girlfriend is played by Emily VanCamp. There is a slew of other characters all involved in a lot of melodramatic, soap opera dangerous shenanigans. The show was a bit much for me but the acting was at least interesting and there was a boatload of charisma in it. I may check this out later but it is going way down my list. I cannot recommend it.

Music of the Week:
Gateway Drugs – Night Swimming

Tell Me a Story – Mischief Brew

Ariana Grande – thank u, next

Kayo Genesis – Rich Lives Matter

Baskervillain – It’s A Love


Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “The <Blank>”
– I watched more She-Ra and the Princess of Power Season 1
– I watched more Once Upon a Time Season 7
– I watched more Chilling Tales of Sabrina Season 1
– I watched more Hilda Season 1
– I finished MST3K Season 12

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2 Responses to “Media Update 12/6/18”

  1. rolandclarke Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Nathan Fillion since he appeared as the series villaint of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, before Joss Whedon used him again in Firefly. The rest is history – except I’ve yet to catch The Rookie.


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