Interview Questions 14

What famous artist, dead or alive, would you want to paint your portrait?

My favorite painter in history would have to be Claude Monet. I just really liked his color palette and his impressionist style. Except, I know him more for his landscapes and his paintings of places, not people. I do not think his style would be what I would want for myself. I think of somebody like Vincent van Gogh whose style is similar but a little more in line with what I would want. Aside from that, van Gogh is somebody I have definitely felt a kinship with because of his experiences with depression and mental health issues. I feel like he could do a great job and the experience would certainly be interesting. The other way I could go is a more realistic artist who would just paint me in painful detail like Norman Rockwell or John Singleton Copley. Except I would probably not go this direction, due to my background as a total nerd, I would go with a comic book artist. I think of all artists I would go with either Chris Riddell or Alex Ross. Riddell’s style is not as realistic and more ethereal while Ross does more realistic depictions. If I had to choose one, I would probably go with Riddell because he fits my goth sensibilities. After all, he has collaborated with the awesome Neil Gaiman many times over.

What is your favorite season?

Hands down, my favorite season is Autumn. I used to hate it because that was when school started back and it would be time again for classes, homework, and awkward social situations. However, once I got beyond school, I really learned to love the season. I had always embraced certain elements of it. As I have stated repeatedly, I am a huge fan of what is arguably the biggest holiday of the fall season: Halloween. During the season, the light begins to die and the night grows. I have been more of a night owl for a long time and I feel my second wind when night falls. Speaking of light, one of two Daylight Savings days occurs in November. While I absolutely hate the practice, at least the one in November is when we gain an hour which means either an extra hour of sleep or an extra hour I get to stay up. One of my oldest enemies are bees and other stinging insects, as fall goes on those insects go away and become less aggressive. This led to a lot less stress as Autumn began in earnest, especially when I was a kid having lunch on the playground. Finally, I really hate the heat of summer and that fades in Autumn to a really nice middle ground temperature that is really pleasant. Not too hot and not too cold and at most you need a light jacket which makes going out all the easier.

Would you dress in drag for $25?

I saw this question while poking around the Internet for interesting questions to answer for this and I was struck by this question. My first reaction is that this is a really homophobic question and it really is. I would have no trouble wearing a dress, makeup, and all of the traditionally female accouterments. Your skin does not burn on contact with clothes just because they are thought to belong to the other gender. Additionally, you are not any less of a man if you wear women’s clothing. If your manhood is threatened by what you wear or do, then you did not have much to begin with. I would actually like to wear a dress now and then. I am all about comfort and a dress seems to have more airflow than pants or shorts. I get a little overheated sometimes so it feels like that would be a bit more comfortable. I have tried makeup before for theater and I did not really like it. Part of that was that I was afraid of it still being there the next morning at school and getting teased about it. The other part was that it felt weird to have something on my skin that just stayed there. Still, I have always admired the art of makeup. In the same vein, jewelry has always been of interest to me but I do not wear it personally because I do not often wear clothes that would show it off. I did wear a ring for a little while and I like necklaces and bracelets. However, while I like the look, I would not get anything pierced. I kind of draw the line at the unnecessary use of needles. Which is just a personal hang-up since I really do like piercings on other people.

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