Media Update 3/7/19

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I had heard so many good things about this show. You probably have too. This show has certainly won a lot of awards and praise. The show is about a woman in the late 1950s whose husband leaves her so she decides to be a stand-up comedian, that is a gross over-simplification of the plot. The show is absolutely amazing. It feels like a happier and better-acted version of Mad Men. The show has a big, talented ensemble of great actors. The top performer is obviously Rachel Brosnahan who plays the lead. She has a mischievous, wild edge to her that is so fun to watch. I was really surprised at how good Alex Borstein was since my only experience with her was Family Guy and MadTV. There are strong performances from Tony Shalhoub and Kevin Pollak who play the fathers. Marin Hinkle is wonderfully subdued and subtle as the mom. Then there is Michael Zegen, the louse of a husband who walks a tightrope of being both sympathetic but easy to dislike. The show is a funny and dramatic look at life in New York during that time. Really it is just good characters played by great actors with great dialogue. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I was originally going to watch this with my mother but nearly a year later I decided to just watch this. I am a big fan of Tina Fey although her movie outings are kind of hit or miss. This one looked interesting. A woman goes to Afghanistan to become an embedded war correspondent without having any on camera experience or experience with violence. She deals with cultural differences, racism, sexism, religious issues, clashes of ideology, and a raucous college atmosphere. It is ostensibly a comedy but it is not exaggerated and goofy. It is mixed with drama and plays with a sardonic edge that Fey does well. Speaking of Tina Fey, she is on top of her game acting-wise. Margot Robbie is always an awesome addition to any cast. Martin Freeman was loveably jerky. Alfred Molina played on the edge of funny and worrying. The movie was surprisingly deep and funny and said a lot about war and what a human can get used to. I recommend this movie.


I was ten when the incident between Lorena and John Bobbitt happened. I was definitely old enough to know what was going on. At the time, the whole thing was treated as a national joke. People were too nervous to confront the real, difficult underlying issues. This documentary tries to fix that. It discusses spousal abuse, immigration issues, the media circus, and more. It does use him or but only to keep the story light in the face of such dark subject matter. It uses interviews and footage from that time period and also modern interviews. I also recommend this one.

Music of the Week:

Phantogram – You Don’t Get Me High Anymore

Poppy – Voicemail

Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

Karen O and Danger Mouse – WOMAN

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “A Woman’s Life Changes”
– I watched more Lucifer Season 3
– I watched more Fate/Apocrypha Season 2
– I watched more Carmen Sandiego Season 1
– I watched more The Seven Deadly Sins Season 3
– I watched more Russian Doll Season 1
– I watched more Unsolved: Biggie and Tupac
– I watched more of The Umbrella Academy
– I watched more of Grimm Season 5


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