Media Update 10/17/19

Beyond Re-Animator

This is the third and final (so far) movie in the franchise based on an HP Lovecraft story. This one was released eighteen years after the original movie and 81 years after the release of the original story. This movie is set in 2003 with Dr. Herbert West serving a life sentence after his experiments are discovered and his lab partner makes a plea deal. A boy who witnessed one of the original experiments becomes the prison doctor and wants to restart the experiments for the good of humanity. Jeffrey Combs is back as Dr. West and his very serious demeanor results in a lot of dry, witty humor. He has great chemistry with his partner in crime played by Jason Barry. There is also the necessary human villain who is played diabolically by Simón Andreu who was a real scene-stealer. Throwing a wrench into everything is a reporter played by Elsa Pataky who is just such a great actress for horror. Once again, the movie is full of good intentions going tragically wrong. The movie is a rollercoaster of weirdness as were the other movies which leads to awesome effects and so much gore. I wish they had continued the franchise but this was a fitting end if it is truly done. I recommend it for lovers of gory, quirky horror.

Demonic Toys: Personal Demons

Long-time readers should expect tons of Full Moon Features movies esepcially during October. Anyway, this is a sequel to the original movie which was about demons who possess toys. Only three of the original toys return and this time they are in Italy where they are caught up in a mansion mystery which involves evil witchcraft and specific demonic lore. The first movie involved an interesting but somewhat complicated time loop. This one is way more simple and they have had years to improve the puppetry and the kills. Wisecracking puppets is something I love in and out of horror but horror is especially good at it. There’s something about the aesthetic of killer playthings that Full Moon is particularly good at even if the writing and production values are otherwise cheesy. Still, this is a franchise that was gone before its time as well. There is a colorful cast of goofy characters and this one feels a lot like one of my all-time favorites called Dolls. However, it does have some new lore of its own based on the ‘personal demon’ theory which was somewhat fascinating. Really, I’m just here for soap opera actors getting menaced by nineties stand up comedian goofs by playthings. I recommend this one as well.

Ghoulies Go to College

This movie felt like a soft reboot of the Ghoulies franchise. The Ghoulies are demons of ill-defined shape that came out shortly before Gremlins so they are not a ripoff. However, they acted a lot like Gremlins in that they were murderous and could not speak English. This new movie has them able to speak and they are constantly doing routines which are a mash-up of the Three Stooges and Animal House. The movie takes place on a college campus in the midst of the yearly prank war between two frats. The highlight of the movie is Professor Ragnar who is played by great character actor Kevin McCarthy. He seems to have a great time chewing the scenery and steals every scene he is in. Evan McKenzie and Eva LaRue play the protagonists, two college kids just trying to figure out their lives and the sudden mystery on campus. Whereas the first two films had fairly ordinary kills, this movie ups the comedy by having all of the kills be cartoony. This actually made them more terrifying to me because a lot of them involve Looney Tunes style body horror. Still, it was a fun movie that took the franchise in its own direction away from any more Gremlins accusations. I recommend it.

Music of the Week:

Code Orange – Let Me In

King Vader – Don’t Disrespect Halloween

Cornbugs – Spot the Psycho

In This Moment – Big Bad Wolf

Call Me Karizma – Monster (Under My Bed)

Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Sequels Week 2019”
– I watched more Slasher Season 2
– I watched more The Blacklist Season 6
– I watched more Gotham Season 6
– I watched Killjoy’s Psycho Circus
– I watched the Rifftrax version of “A Talking Cat!?”
– I watched more Marianne Season 1
– I watched more Agents of SHIELD Season 6
– I started watching Carmen Sandiego Season 2

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