Halloween Wrap-up 2019

I’m just going to take a moment here to reflect on my recent Halloween event. I think it went really well this year. The event took off last year with October getting almost five times the traffic it had gotten in 2017. The traffic was just a little bit higher this year. Not that I do this for the traffic but it is very gratifying to see that people are reading my ramblings. I already have more traffic so far this year than the entire year last year with two more months to go. I am happy that people are reading and enjoying things.

So all of that aside, I really enjoyed the movies this year. I used to want to curate the movies I review instead of just watching what I want to. Now I just try to pick what sounds like fun to watch but I also want to push myself and try new things. Also, with reviews also being personal posts, I need to pick things I can write about. The other thing that I realized is that there is a multitude of horror movies I want to watch. I could not possibly watch them all in October. So, I may want to pepper a few during the year. I also realized that I can watch dumb throwaway movies without writing about them.

I really enjoyed writing the latest installment in the story of Nancy and Lydia. I really enjoy my alternate universe fanfiction world but I have an intense desire to rewrite large portions of it. Maybe I will eventually. I feel like the main arc of the series is taking shape and I want to focus on that. I really enjoyed taking from the lore of Wizard of Oz and exploring it a bit. Although, it made me want to write more about it but in a completely different way. I might have to write some fic on that later. I have a lot of planning before I continue the series next year but I have so many ideas.

So thank you for a wonderful Halloween! As for the day itself, I worked all day and then went to my cousin’s house. The yearly tradition of going over there and watching Fright Night is still intact. This was the 10th time for me but the 33rd time for her. At this point, everybody talks and snarks during the movie but we all love it. It is a great movie that I suggest everybody sees. It is definitely in my top 20 favorite horror movies. Anyway, after Thursday I will relent and move on toward the lesser holidays of the year. I guess I should start thinking about Christmas shopping.

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