The End of One Road – A Star Wars Story

Finn carried a box of parts up the ramp of the Millenium Falcon and poked his head around the corner. He did not see anybody so he looked for somewhere to put the box down. It had been two weeks since the battle against the Final Order. Rey had gone off on her own but a lot of Finn’s other friends had been ordered to get some rest. They had run themselves ragged for so long, nearly dying on so many planets. Now everybody was going back to work and part of that was getting the Falcon back in tip-top shape. Not that it ever stayed in tip-top shape.

Finn was kind of surprised that the Falcon was even still there. He had thought that Rey would take it with her, maybe bring Chewie along for the ride. Instead, she had taken her own craft wherever she had gone. Chewbacca seemed to be done with the Falcon now and probably had no fight left in him. As he was the oldest current member of the Resistance, everybody understood his retirement. Lando had just said that he had already lost the Falcon a long time ago and felt that it had belonged to the Resistance now more than anybody.

While Finn was lost in thought, Poe climbed out of a hatch below and removed the welding goggles he had been wearing.

“Finn!” he said suddenly which made Finn nearly drop the box he forgot he had been holding. “What’s going on?”

“I, uh, just brought this box of parts,” Finn said. “I think this is what was needed. At least, it’s what I could scrounge up so far.”

“Cool,” Poe said. “Set it anywhere. Can you give a hand on a few things?”

“Sure,” Finn said. “I’m not really doing anything right now besides carrying stuff around.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Poe said. “You’ve learned a lot during your time with us. There was a time where I thought you’d run.”

“I actually tried,” Finn said. “Early on. Twice actually.”

“Really?” Poe asked. “Why am I only hearing about this now?”

“I guess I was embarrassed,” Finn said. “The first one Starkiller convinced me to stay and then Rose stopped me the second time.”

“I can’t really call you out,” Poe said. “Remember that I actually tried to stage a coup?”

“Oh yeah,” Finn said with a laugh. “That sucked.” Even though Finn had been off at Canto Bright at the time, the resistance’s rebellion had been laughed about when Finn got back. It was one of the only things to laugh at the time.

“Not my finest moment,” Poe said, blushing slightly. “I can be an ass.” It had been one of the first real stings to his ego which had thankfully led to him being a more mature officer and a real asset to the Resistance.

“You saved me, though,” Finn said. “Over Jakku.”

“You saved me first,” Poe said. “That was… intense.” The two of them shared a look as they remembered the frantic escape from the Star Destroyer over Jakku. The thrilling space battle which ended in disaster.

“I thought you died,” Finn said. “The only person I had in the entire universe and he was dead.” He saw the ship sinking into the sand in his mind’s eye and it made him shudder.

“I’m glad we met again,” Poe said.

“It’s part of why I stayed to handle Starkiller Base,” Finn said. “I trusted you. I trusted Rey.”

Poe thought for a moment. “Finn,” he started. “I’ve been meaning to bring something up with you.”

“What’s that?” Finn asked

“I’ve noticed that in the year since we met, you’ve gone after quite a few girls,” Poe said. “I mean, first you seemed to be trying for something with Rey.”

“I mean, I never said anything to her,” Finn said. “Now I never will.”

“Then you and Rose were actually an item,” Poe said.

“Not for long,” Finn said. “It kind of started in the heat of the moment but it fizzled out.”

“Then along came Jannah,” Poe said.

“Who?” Finn asked. “Oh, yeah, that was never really a thing. We’ve just got that shared history thing.” He was still not sure how he felt about that. He wanted to explore his past but he was also interested in his future. He felt conflicted.

“Do you think you would ever go for a guy?” Poe asked, looking Finn dead in the eye.

“What?” Finn asked, swallowing hard. “I’m not sure. I don’t have any experience there.”

“Could you see yourself with me?” Poe asked with a smile.

“I’ve met your ex,” Finn said. “I thought you liked girls too.”

“A person can like both,” Poe said with a shrug.

“A person could like both,” Finn agreed. Somehow that had not occurred to him.

Poe smiled again. This time there was something a little more intimate to that smile. “Think about it,” he said. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“I, uh, I will think about it,” Finn said. “What are you going to do now that the Final Order is toast?”

“Well,” Poe said. “I’m sure there are still First Order flunkies out there. There are rumors that Phasma is still alive somewhere.” At the mention of the name of his old Captain, Finn tensed.

“Then I’m definitely sticking around,” Finn said. “I want a piece of that.”

“That means we’ll be spending more time together,” Poe said.

“I guess it does,” Finn said with a smile. “I guess it does.”

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2 Responses to “The End of One Road – A Star Wars Story”

  1. Liam Says:

    Now this is an ending (or really a continuation) that these characters deserve. Thanks for writing it and sharing.


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