Quiltbag Wizards – A Harry Potter Story

People started filtering into the appointed meeting place in the late afternoon. Some walked boldly into the room and some walked in with eyes cast toward the floor. Some people knew each other and chatted quietly. Others grew bold enough to talk to strangers. There were refreshments and some found solace by cramming cookies into their mouths and sipping punch. By early evening, the room was nearly full even though it was quite large. It was easier to get lost in the crowd as that crowd grew.

Thalia Spindle had entered the room relatively early and had grabbed a few cookies and a cup of punch and had sat down. Her hair partially covered her face which was maybe her way of hiding from the world. Thalia could see that there was a makeshift stage set up along with a podium and just seeing it triggered her social anxiety. She had come to the meeting from her job as a filing clerk at her ministry post. She had walked the whole way, trying to dissuade herself from going. She had nearly talked herself out of walking in the door six times before she finally did it. When enough people walked in after her, there was no going back.

Finally, a young man walked toward the podium. He stopped and said hello and waved at a few people as he walked. His smile was welcoming and Thalia felt a little more at home just seeing it. The man pulled out his wand and used a voice amplification spell.

“Welcome everyone,” he said. “For those who do not know me, my name is Martin Thatcher. You were all invited here to ignite a movement. Too long we have remained quiet and kept our lifestyles secret just because it made people uncomfortable. We cannot let ourselves waste away in a closet. Things are changing in the world and we can help that change.” He paused and gathered himself. “My name is Martin Thatcher and I am gay. I am gay and I am proud.”

The applause started slowly but soon the whole room was clapping. A relieved and happy expression passed over Martin’s face and he wiped away a single tear.

“Thank you,” Martin said as the applause died down. “Thank you so much. That means a lot and I’m not just saying that. We will not be silent anymore. Now I want to present to you our keynote speaker. She is a legend. She was present at the Battle of Hogwarts. She was a member of Dumbledore’s Army and the Order of the Phoenix. She fought against evil in all forms. Please welcome the wonderful Luna Lovegood.”

The applause rang out again as Luna walked to the podium. She waved and smiled and then amplified her voice with a spell.

“Welcome. It is so good to see all of your happy, smiling faces. You are here because you are more interested in living your truth than being what the world may want you to be. My father passed along a love of seeking the truth out even when everybody thinks you are wrong or crazy. We are not wrong. We’re here and we’re queer.”

She took a breath and continued. “I had the great honor of studying at Hogwarts under Albus Dumbledore. He was a real war hero and a legendary mind when it came to magic. He made every single person there feel safe. Except that he was not allowed to feel safe. Not many people are aware but Albus Dumbledore was gay. He obviously did not feel comfortable sharing that with many people, even some of those who were closest to him. He was betrayed by a lover and then locked that part of himself away from the world.”

“We have to do better. The muggle world is waking up and being more accepting, our world can do the same. When I attended Hogwarts, I was often accused of not speaking clearly even though that’s what I thought I was doing. Let me be absolutely clear now. I am polyamorous and pansexual. I have married three different people over the past few years since I graduated from Hogwarts. I’m tired of being treated like it’s strange.”

“Know that this group will always support you. We will accept you for who you are. I know not all of you want to come out but those who do, we are there for you. You can stand up and be counted with us by your side. We love you when your friends and family won’t. If you are looking for allies, your search is over. Welcome to the Quiltbag Wizards Association.”

The crowd began to applaud and go to their feet. Thalia was one of the first to her feet and she was clapping wildly. She started cheering and tears were running down her face. She felt like a burden was being slowly lifted. These were her people.

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  1. Liam Says:

    OMG! I love Luna Lovegood and I totally see her in this role.

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