The Road Vlogs – A Supernatural Story

The screen comes alive and there is Charlie, perfectly framed in the shot and obviously in a car. The viewer cannot tell where she is but Charlie looks happy and healthy.

Hey guys, Charlie here. I’m here in fabulous Wyoming. I decided to do these vlogs as kind of an update on what the Winchesters do on paper. You’d think Sam would have entered the digital age but those guys are old school. I guess their dad always used pen and paper so they have to? Anyway, this is encrypted six ways to Sunday and I don’t think anybody can crack it. If they did they would probably think it’s some Marble Hornets stuff. You guys remember Marble Hornets, right? Anyway, check the attached PDFs for any tips on attacking monster weak points for massive damage. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe. Just kidding. Hopefully, nobody sees these until long after I’m dead. Later.

The transmission starts again. This time Charlie looks more somber with a stitched-up cut on her face.

Hey guys, Charlie here. Vampires are dicks. I always thought they were kind of cool when I was a teenager. I had a total crush on a goth girl and we played The Masquerade. It was actually my first LARP. Anyway, things got pretty nasty back there but I got them all. I just also kind of burned down an arcade. That is the saddest news of all. The nest was in an old arcade and they weren’t even really playing any games. Who does that? They were totally preying on young teens. I can imagine myself as a teen gamer falling for it. Maybe. No, I was smart. Of course, I couldn’t tell that my boss was a leviathan. Forget it. Charlie out.

The transmission starts again. Charlie is in a much more jubilant mood, more of a party atmosphere.

“Hey guys, Charlie here. We’re having a blast. We totally just took out a lich. A lich! I didn’t think those existed outside of Dungeons and Dragons. We totally rolled a critical hit. Oh! Let me introduce you to the gang. I guess I got kind of lonely and I’m not hanging out with Rowena after I found out what she did to the other me. This is Tatty, she’s a faerie. No big deal. She actually knows Gilda so that’s awesome. Nudge, nudge. Say hi, Tatty. Oh and Bill is imaginary which is cool. He’s not really into appearing on camera, though. They don’t really pick him up. I’m not sure whose imaginary friend he is but he’s ours now. Anyway, we’re going to go celebrate. We’ve got a trunk full of wine coolers and beers. Peace.

The transmission starts again. Charlie is alone again but happy.

Hey guys, Charlie here. I’m taking a little break from hunting. I just needed a break. Did you know that Oz is real? Like, the Wizard of Oz? The other me actually went there and nobody told me. How crazy is that? Tatty didn’t even tell me about it and she’s from there. We kind of ran into Dorothy and it was super awkward. Apparently, the other me had a thing with her and it ended abruptly due to a shortage of dimensional travel. We had some coffee and talked it out and I might see her again but I don’t think I’ll see her like she wants me to see her. She is cute, though. Charlie out.

The transmission starts again. Charlie is really close to the camera. Her face is absolutely covered in blood.

If you’re watching this. It might already be too late. They are coming and they are coming to kill us all. I barely got away. For how long? I don’t know. Charlie suddenly laughs and backs up. Just kidding, I’ve always wanted to do a Help Me Obiwan kind of message. This is ketchup. I’m still on vacation. I just thought I would check in. These are fun to do. I’ll check in again in a few days.

The transmission comes on again and Charlie is sitting on the hood of a car.

Hey all you cool cats and kittens. That’s what she says, right? I’ve been totally binging lately. I saw Dorothy again and we watched Emerald City together. We both kind of liked it. It wasn’t very accurate but more accurate than the books. I’m heading back to meet up with Tatty and Bill. We might meet up with the Winchesters or Bobby or whoever. I’m ready to go hunting again. I’m ready to get back in the game. There are monsters out there and I know how to kill them. Check you later, guys.

<Although she did not suggest it, this one is for my friend Liz who is the biggest Supernatural fan I know>

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