Temple Run – A Dora the Explorer Story

Kai-Lan stretched a bit in the shadows but stayed low. They had the cover of the jungle and the ancient stone wall in front of them. The place was crawling with men with guns. No doubt they were mercenaries, castoffs from the world’s militaries. They meant business and would surely have no qualm about killing Kai-Lan and dumping her body into a ditch. The thought caused a chill to run up and then down her spine. She shook it off and stayed still. In the mad scramble, she had tweaked her shoulder and it throbbed with pain. At least it hadn’t been a knee or an ankle. She might have been dead if she had been slowed down.

She heard a soft thud and a rustle next to her and she smiled. She did not need to look to see who or what was there. She knew the sound of those particular boots in the dirt. “How was scouting?” she asked. “What did you find?”

Dora tied back her hair with a shrug. “They’re all over,” she said. “They all have guns. There’s at least ten of them. I think they’re Red Hand.”

“Red Hand?!” Kai-Lan nearly yelled. They had never actually had any experience with the Red Hand but they had a very bad reputation. They were an international private military group not unlike Blackwater or WatchGuard International. They had their hands everywhere. They were supposedly called Red Hand because they were unashamed that they got their hands so dirty. Their presence was definitely not a good omen.

Dora clamped her hand over her friend’s mouth. “Callate!” she hissed. “If they hear you, they will shoot both of us.” She looked into Kai-Lan’s eyes and waited for her to relax before removing her hand.

“Sorry,” Kai-Lan said. “I’ll be quiet. 他妈的! This was supposed to be a peaceful job.”

“There’s no such thing as a peaceful job in the kind of archaeology, Kai-Lan,” Dora said. “We search for high-value artifacts which are also sought out by criminals and the black market itself.”

“True,” Kai-Lan said. “we could be working with a university, traveling the world but living the quiet life.” The two had met in college at Oxford in England. They had instantly bonded as outsiders. Kai-Lan was from China and Dora was from Peru. Neither felt quite at home or accepted in an increasingly xenophobic England.

“Neither of us has ever lived the quiet life,” Dora said. “We can speak to animals.”

“Also very true,” Kai-Lan said. “So what are we going to do?”

“We’re going to do like Professor Croft taught us,” Dora said.

“Always fly first class?” Kai-Lan asked with a grin.

“No, the other stuff,” Dora said with her own grin. “the stuff with the guns and the kicking ass.”

The two of them had felt like outcasts until they had met Professor Lara Croft. The professor had seen the eagerness and curiosity in the young girls’ eyes and had taken a liking to them. She had maneuvered to become their advisor and the two girls had flourished. Professor Croft had retired from fieldwork but she told the girls all of her stories about gunfire and exotic locations. She taught them everything she knew and the girls had soaked it all up like sponges. They became keen detectives, adventurers, and warriors. Now they had formed a partnership and they worked with several historical preservation organizations and museums to retrieve or recover important artifacts.

“How’s your shoulder?” Dora asked. “Are you up for this?”

“If I wasn’t, would we run away?” Kai-Lan asked. “Could you run away with me and get the authorities?”

“Could you?” Dora asked.

The two of them looked each other in the eye for a long moment and then almost simultaneously shook their heads.

“No,” Kai-Lan said. “We’re definitely doing this. My shoulder still hurts a lot but I have two of them. I can still help. What do we have?”

“We have our sidearms,” Dora said. “We also have jaguars.”

“Jaguars?” Kai-Lan asked. “Really?”

Dora nodded. “Really,” she said. “They’ll start attacking soon. These guys have trampled their territory. They’re pissed.”

“Great,” Kai-Lan said with a smile. “So we wait for the attack and then we join in?”

“That’s the plan,” Dora said.

“It’s a good plan,” Kai-Lan said. “Poker?”

Dora held up a deck of cards. “Yes, please,” she said.


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  1. Liam Says:

    The gritty reboot of Dora the Explorer we’ve been waiting for!


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