Poor Unfortunate Souls: Hawaii Pt. 1

When Adam came to, he was far above the surface of the Earth. He could see a lot of water below him. His and Belle’s castle was well away from the sea so this was confusing. Below were a set of islands that were absolutely foreign to him. As he made these observations, whatever magic that was keeping him suspended in the air gave out and he started to plummet. He could feel himself panicking and flailing and then he stopped, it was not helping him. He took solace in the fact that Belle was nowhere in sight. He hoped she was safe. He wished he was stronger.

He hit the surface of the water hard and it hurt really bad. He might have blacked out again but he was surprised to wake up again, deep under the water. He started to paddle upwards as fast as he could, his lungs ready to burst. He broke through the surface and breathed in the sweet, sweet yet salty air. He struggled to keep his head up. His clothes were wet and heavy and so was his fur. His fur? He was stunned to see that the curse was back. Why was it back? He was grateful for the extra strength but he had fought so long to be human again. He roared into the night.

A few moments later, a boat appeared and a young woman reached down. He grabbed her hand and realized it was human again. He was so tired. He made it into the boat and almost immediately flopped onto his back, breathing hard.

“Thank you,” he said over the sound of the waves slapping against the hull of the boat. “Thank you so much for being here.”

“Rest,” the woman said. “I’ll get you back to land.” She started the engine up and Adam found himself drifting off to sleep. The movement of the boat rocked him to sleep and his last thought before blackness took him again was that he hoped this young woman was good with boats.

He had no idea how long it was before he woke up again. He was on a cot in a small house and he slowly sat up. He shook out the cobwebs in his head and looked around. The place was dim but there were a few other cots. Where was he? He started to stand up but a little girl appeared in the doorway.

“Don’t get up,” she said. “You’ve been through a lot. You need to rest.” She walked closer with a bowl of cooked and shredded meat. She held it out to Adam who took it gratefully.

“Where am I?” Adam asked. When he started to eat, he found that he could barely stop to get any words out.

“Welcome to Hawaii,” the girl said. “My name’s Lilo. What’s your name?”

“My name’s Adam,” he said. “I’ve never even heard of Hawaii.”

“Really? Where are you from?” Lilo asked. “Everybody’s heard of Hawaii.”

“I’m from France,” Adam said. “I’ve lived in the same place my whole life.”

“But I’ve heard of France!” Lilo said. “You’re not very bright, are you?”

“He’s not from your France,” a voice from the doorway said. “He’s from some sort of Other France just like I can’t find any familiar islands no matter how far I go.” All of a sudden Adam recognized her from the boat, the young woman who had saved his life.

“This is really super weird,” Lilo said.

“Yes,” the woman said. “It really is. My apologies, I didn’t introduce myself earlier. My name is Moana and, like you, I’m not from around here. I’m from Somewhere Else.”

“What does that even mean?” Adam asked.

“I’m not sure,” Moana said. “I’m sure magic is involved, though.”

Adam remembered the feeling of being magically suspended in air far above the water. “That definitely feels like the truth,” he said. “I have a little experience with magic but nothing like this.”

“Oooh,” Lilo said. “What kind of magic?”

Suddenly, a blue blur flew out of the shadows toward Adam and he instinctively reached out to stop it. He caught in his hand a little blue-furred beast that was excitedly gibbering. He realized after a beat that he had once again transformed to The Beast.

“Oh,” Lilo said. “That kind of magic. Stitch! Don’t attack strangers!”

The big-mouthed, blue-furred thing called Stitch looked at Lilo and wriggled out of Beast’s grasp and landed on the floor. “Sorry!” it said.

“Sorry about that,” Lilo said, patting Stitch gently on the head. “He gets excited when there are new people. Especially when somebody is as furry as he is. Stitch is an alien. From space.” Lilo pointed upwards and Adam could not fathom what she could mean. He found himself following her gesture upwards but saw only the ceiling. He shrugged.

“Are you not scared by my appearance?” Adam asked, his voice once again coming out in a deeper growl no matter how much he tried to make it sound gentle.”

“I have a lot of experience with transformation magic through my partner,” Moana said. “He’s out taking a shift scouting.”

“After dealing with aliens, I kind of accept just about anything,” Lilo said. “You also seem pretty nice.”

“Lilo,” Moana said. “Why don’t we let Adam here get some rest. Then we can give him a tour of the island and introduce him to people.”

“Okay!” Lilo said. “Nani’s probably wondering where I am anyway and Pleakley and Jumba will want to hear about another visitor.”

“That’s fine,” Moana said. “Just don’t tell too many people, we don’t need a whole bunch of visitors right now.”

“See you later, Adam!” Lilo said, not agreeing to anything. She ran off before anybody could say anything.

“Rest,” Moana said. “I’m serious. You’re safe here. We’ll talk more in the morning.”

“Alright,” Adam said and eased back into the cot. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Moana said and stepped out back through the door.

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