A to Z Blogging Challenge 2020 Reflections

So another April has come and gone and that means another A to Z Blogging Challenge is over. This year I focused on writing 26 different fanfiction short stories from over 26 fandoms (more or less). I had a lot of fun. In past years I have done many different types of posts so it was nice to not have to change gears constantly. I did miss doing movie reviews but I do a whole bunch regularly in October and I can do them whenever. This was also the first year that I did not do my regular law blog entry. Similarly, I have some ideas for that coming up.

On to what I actually did this year. I wrote a ton of fanfiction, more than I have ever written before. I used to look at fanfiction as something that was pointless because you could not monetize it and it was not original. However, I now realize that there is plenty of creativity in playing with somebody else’s toys. You can build off the foundation the original creator left behind or you can smash it to pieces and start anew. You can rewind certain moments and provide a branching path different from canon continuity. There are a lot of possibilities.

Here are my favorite posts from this month:

Clear Skies – A Breaking Bad Story

I was challenged to write a Breaking Bad story and I had no ideas until I thought of my favorite character, Jane. She was a great character but since she was neither Walt nor Jessie, she was cannon fodder. She got a raw deal and I wanted to rewrite her ending while still being true to an addict’s journey. I wanted to disconnect her from the toxic world of Breaking Bad.

Deposition – A She-Hulk Story

There have been a lot of rumblings lately about a She-Hulk television show possibly being made for Disney+. I was a huge fan of the Charles Soule/Javier Pulido She-Hulk run and the Kate Leth/Brittney Williams run of Patsy Cline AKA Hellcat. I liked that both series dealt more with the fallout of superheroes and supervillains than actual crimefighting. I also had just finished listening to the excellent books She Said and Catch and Kill. It seemed natural that She-Hulk and Patsy would be involved in investigating the superhero side of the Me Too movement.

Iron Woman – An MCU Story

I really was kind of perturbed that they glossed over Pepper Potts gaining superpowers at the end of Iron Man 3. That was a huge deal and a huge change to the power dynamics in her and Tony’s relationship. Instead, they had it quietly disappear between movies. I thought it would have been more fun to have her actually have to deal with Great Power like Peter Parker and so many other reluctant heroes. Pepper has such a strong personality that I don’t see her backing down from that challenge ultimately.

Poor Unfortunate Souls – A Disney Crossover Story

I actually originally conceived this idea as a Star Trek/Disney crossover but it quickly got too out of control and the idea fell apart. Instead, I imagined a Crisis of Infinite Earths but Disney instead of DC Comics. I was inspired by Once Upon a Time, Descendants, and so many more crossovers but I wanted to put my own stamp on it. I actually did the second installment of this on Saturday.

Quiltbag Wizards – A Potterverse Story

Admittedly, this was written as a giant middle finger to JK Rowling who has proven to be very homophobic and transphobic. One great thing about fanfiction is being able to take somebody’s creation away from them and make it more positive. If Rowling wants to put down trans people and only mention gay people as less than a footnote, then we can write new stories contradicting that.

The Road Vlogs – A Supernatural Story

This was the only attempt at writing a story through a different structure. I imagined Charlie filming a series of personal vlogs as she traveled across the country as a hunter. Charlie also seemed to have an affinity for the strange that was different from the Winchesters. Her positive energy seemed to attract more positive supernatural experiences.

Some of what I wrote did not really work like I wanted it to but I never regretted trying. Some of it will be stuff I continue and some of it was a one-shot that I will leave as is. There are so many options in front of me. Thanks for stopping by if you stopped by!

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