Poor Unfortunate Souls: Atlantica Pt. 2

Aurora led Belle to a big castle on the shore overlooking the sea, part of it was actually in the water. The place had obviously been modified to be more of a fortress and the work looked recent. Huge iron plates covered the lower windows and nasty-looking spiked fences and sea barriers had been desperately erected. It was all so grim but Belle had gotten used to grim. In the night, she could see soldiers patrolling the grounds by their lit torches. There were quite a few people out there which was kind of comforting. Of course, so was Aurora’s sword.

They arrived at the gates and the guards opened them for Aurora and Belle. The two women made their way inside. Everything was more inviting and warm inside the gates but there was still a tension in the air. Aurora knew exactly what she was doing and where she was going and Belle definitely liked that. Belle had never been a fighter, she was just not that kind of woman. Still, she did like to help people and Aurora seemed sure she could help here. She held onto that. A little dog walked up to them and Aurora turned to it.

“Dodger,” Aurora said. “Something or rather somebody has come up. Have Phoebus take over my patrol?”

“You got it, Your Majesty,” the dog named Dodger said and then scampered off.

“Did that dog just respond to you?” Belle asked.

“Yes,” Aurora said. “Is that weird to you?”

“A month ago I was having conversations with teapots and candelabra,” Belle said. “I’m just trying to establish the rules here.”

“The rules are that there aren’t really any rules,” Aurora said. “This is all insane and it will probably be insane for a long, long time. Are you hungry?”

“Actually yes,” Belle said. “I can’t remember when I ate last.” Her stomach grumbled and she silently prayed for a meal with Adam with a bit of the gray stuff and some of Mrs. Potts’ tea. She did not want any of this to happen and now it was all hitting her at once. She felt a bit dizzy for a moment but she shook it off with a deep breath.

Aurora flagged down a young woman who was passing by with a tray of food. “Tiana?” she said. “Could you get some food to the library for Belle here?” Belle’s eyes brightened at the sound of the word ‘library’ but she tried to stay on track.

“Of course!” Tiana said with a brilliant smile. Tiana was dressed in strange clothes that looked like some sort of dress but a strange design and material. “It’s nice to meet you, Belle, I’m Tiana and, as you can see, I love to cook. You definitely look like you could benefit. Newcomers get beignets.” She said the last with a flourish as if that word was not only supposed to mean something but it was of great importance.

“Great!” Belle said. “I’m excited for whatever those are.”

“Oh you will love them,” Tiana said. “Everybody back in New Orleans loves a good beignet and mine are the best.”

“New Orleans?” Belle asked. “I’ve heard of Orleans but not New Orleans. How strange.”

“Tiana here is also a princess from another world,” Aurora said.

“That’s three of us who are royalty,” Belle said. “Two princesses and a queen.”

“Four of us if you count Queen Ariel,” Tiana said.

“That might be something,” Belle said thoughtfully. “It’s a big deal to have so much royalty in one place.”

“Really?” Tiana asked. “I’m barely even a princess, I kind of just stumbled into it. I married a layabout dirt poor prince.”

“It was kind of the same with me,” Belle said. “I had no idea my husband was even a prince until after we fell in love.”

“We’ll have to talk about it sometime, huh?” Tiana said. “I do have to get this food to people. Maybe a cup of tea later tonight? You’ll probably need one. Your head has gotta be spinning.”

“It is,” Belle said. “Thank you. That would be great.”

“I’ll have somebody bring you some food at the library in the meantime,” Tiana said before she ran off to deliver more food.

“There’s that word again,” Belle said. “I love libraries. Libraries make sense. Please bring me to the library.”

Aurora laughed. “Sure,” she said. “Let’s go.”

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