Media Update 7/23/20

The Old Guard

Charlize Theron is definitely the best female action star and quite possibly may be the best action star full stop. She is at the very least top ten. I adored her in Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde, Mindhunter, Aeon Flux, and the Fate of the Furious. She has such a commanding presence that studios should definitely be using her like crazy. In this, she is an immortal soldier who leads a squad of immortal soldiers who travel around as freedom fighters. They have to face off against a pharmaceutical company who is targetting them specifically. Theron is the grizzled soldier who has been living for several millennia. Relative newcomer KiKi Layne is the young upstart who is new to the team and the immortal life. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays a well-meaning researcher who has evidence of the team. Harry Melling is a Martin Shkreli-type pharma bro. The story is based on a graphic novel by Greg Rucka who also created the awesome Stumptown comic and worked on Wonder Woman. The story is very well-told and the characters really resonate. The action scenes are some of the best I have ever seen. I definitely recommend it.

Harley Quinn (2019)

This is the new animated series that premiered last year. This series actually comes off as a mix of a comic book show and a sitcom with the characters constantly getting into awkward situations. The humor is very R-rated with plenty of gore, cursing, and craziness. The show is centered around Harley’s attempts to strike out on her own after breaking up with Joker. She is living with Poison Ivy as she tries to get her life together. The supervillains of Gotham come off as petty and cliquish and it is very funny. The show also goes pretty deep into the roster of DC Comics characters and also pokes fun at previous Batman projects. I am interested to watch the character’s arcs and see the jokes they come up with. The show is definitely pretty graphically violent but not overly much for most people, I think. It also has an all-star cast including Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, Diedrich Bader, Christopher Meloni, JB Smoove, Jim Rash, and so many more. I recommend this show.

Z Nation

I had seen this show available for streaming for quite a while but I kept passing it by. I think mostly because of The Walking Dead. This show is definitely not TWD. This show focuses more on the zombies and follows more than one storyline and the characters have more goals than just surviving. They need to get an asymptomatic carrier across the country in order to study his blood. They are guided by the last surviving member of the NSA, a computer geek played by DJ Qualls. There does not seem to be a star of the show yet as everybody gets a little time in the spotlight here and there. But I would go with Kellita Smith as a former National Guard member who seems to almost have fun in the apocalypse. I also really like the silent sniper character played by Nat Zang. Anastasia Baranova plays the group’s tech expert and I really like her style. I love to hate Keith Allan as the wise-cracking criminal whose blood is so important. There are plenty of other characters but I am trying not to get too attached in case some of them die. The show has a lot of action but also has offbeat humor mixed in with the drama. I recommend the show but be warned it is fairly gory.

Music of the Week:
Tyler the Creator – A Boy is a Gun

TOOL – Fear Inoculum

Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B – MotorSport

Vice Girl – They Live, We Sleep



Weekly Update:
– This week’s theme is “Get Yourself a Crew”
– I watched more Elementary Season 2
– I watched more Watcher videos
– I watched more Supergirl Season 5
– I watched more Rizzoli and Isles Season 4
– I watched more Legends of Tomorrow Season 5
– I watched more Hannibal Season 1
– I finished The Flash Season 6
– I watched Ooga Booga
– I watched Head of the Family
– I watched Dollman
– I watched Supersonic Man (Rifftrax version)
– I watched Dolls (2019)


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