Media Update 10/22/20

Host (2020)

I feel like this movie is the talk of the town lately and I had to watch this this week because it may never be this topical. For those who do not know, this is a horror movie done completely through the Video Conferencing platform Zoom. The movie is told in real time and is only about 53 minutes long which makes it the shortest thing I am reviewing this month. The plot of the movie is that a couple of friends have decided to get together via Zoom while quarantining in England. They decide to do a séance which unleashes all sorts of terror. The strength of the movie is the special effects which immediately make you doubt your own senses. A lot of neat practical effects and some digital ones are definitely on display here. The acting is great and the whole cast is on point and so believable with a main cast of seven (mostly women). It was so eerie to watch characters in a horror movie worrying about what we have all worried about for the last year. I definitely recommend this movie.

Monster Party (2018)

I feel like I have watched this movie a couple of times this year between this, Ready or Not, You’re Next, and The Hunt. Once again it is a movie about an outsider or outsiders who attend a party with people they do not know and have to fight for their lives. In this, three caterers are working at a house party that they did not understand and must now survive. The movie is non-stop, dark, and gory for its entirety. It feels very grindhouse as it was shot in only 17 days. The three leads (Sam Strike, Virginia Gardner, and Brandon Michael Hall) are all great. Erin Moriarty makes a great appearance as one of the family and I love her. A special shoutout goes to Robin Tunney, Julian McMahon, and Lance Reddick who really drove the movie along. The movie is absolutely crazy but definitely a fun time. I recommend this movie.

Night of the Demons (1988)

I had not watched this movie yet even though it is considered a classic and a foundational movie of 1980s horror. I had watched the 2009 remake which I did not really enjoy that much. This was different. This was great Eighties horror cheese. The plot is that a bunch of teenagers choose to party at an abandoned funeral parlor and awaken something horrible. On of the things this movie is known for is the performance by Linnea Quigley (a horror movie mainstay) who plays an excellent ditzy blonde. Amelia Kinkade plays a snarky goth girl and ends up being both scary and likable. Cathy Podewell plays the plucky heroine who is a bit naïve but has a good heart. I also really liked Alvin Alexis who plays the lone person of color. The movie is pure chaos and silly but it has a few good scares. I recommend it.

Music of the Week:

Ninja Sex Party – Thunder and Lightning

Feastie Boys – “What’s Fa Lunch?”

Carpenter Brut – Beware the Beast

Ryan Adams – Halloweenhead

King Diamond – Halloween

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “Party Time”
I watched more Watcher videos
I watched more Elementary Season 3
I watched more The Boys Season 1
I started watching The Vow Season 1
I watched The Inventor: Out for Blood
I finished Lovecraft Country Season 1
I have watched a lot of Twitch and YouTube

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