Media Update 10/29/2020

Brainscan (1994)

This movie is about a teenager who is obsessed with horror and kind of afloat in life with bad grades and a carefree attitude. His only real friend tells him about a new video game being advertised in Fangoria. After popping it in, he gets sucked into a brand new gaming experience that may be way too real and he is suddenly lost. Edward Furlong plays the teen in question very early in his career and he does a good job of playing a loser teen who is suddenly sympathetic. The real attraction of the movie is the supernatural creature played by T. Ryder Smith and he is hilarious and genial. He feels similar to Beetlegeuse, Freddy, or Chucky the way he is so casually cruel with a twisted little smirk on his face. Amy Hargreaves plays the girl next door and she is very plucky. Horror legend Frank Langella plays the police detective who starts looking into things. Jamie Marsh plays the friend very much like Evil from Fright Night, that hyperactive weird kid that a lot of nerds had as a friend growing up. The movie is actually pretty anxiety-inducing but also has some real funny parts to it. I recommend this movie.

Arcade (1993)

This is a movie that had to go back and redo some of its effects because Disney threatened to sue based on their ownership of Tron. This is the more traditional plot of people get sucked into a video game. A brand new game (a learning computer) appears in an Arcade and it terrorizes a group of teens. What I found interesting was that this movie actually has “the girlfriend” as the hero instead of a guy. Megan Ward plays the main character and does not play video games but must for her life and the lives of her friends. Peter Billingsley plays her boyfriend’s best friend who is the only one left to support her. John de Lancie plays the negligent (and possibly evil) video game executive. The rest of the friends are a mish mash of teen actors including Seth Green of all people. The movie has really neat graphics that actually looks a bit like the virtual reality of the day and some of it looks like an FMV game from the same period. The game was more exciting than scary but definitely had some darkness to it. I recommend this movie.

Sequence Break

This was nowhere near the movie I thought it would be but was far more fascinating. This movie is classified as a Horror/Romance/Science Fiction story which does not begin to describe how strange this movie is. This movie feels a lot like a David Cronenberg movie with weird techno-organic body horror which feels both horrific and oddly sexual. Chase Williamson plays an arcade machine repair guy who is lost in life and socially awkward. Fabianne Therese plays a quirky young woman who suddenly appears to be a love interest. John Dinan plays a strange man who seems to be in on a terrifying secret. One half of the movie is a traditional romantic comedy while the rest is just very strange. The mix left me with no idea what might happen next which was exciting. I recommend this movie but be warned that it is weird.

Music of the Week:

Primus – Welcome To This World

Matt Wegner – FEAR

Diamanda Galas- Dancing in the Dark

Bad Wolves – Zombie

Demogoroth Satanum – The Kingdom Ov Hell

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “If You Die in the Game…”
I watched more Watcher videos
I watched more The Boys Season 1
I started watching Harley Quinn Season 2
I started watching Doctor Who Season 11
I watched Critters 2: The Main Course
I watched Tremors: Shrieker Island
I finished watching The Vow Season 1
I have watched a lot of Twitch and YouTube
I have started watching a lot of Lindsay Ellis videos

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