Media Update 11/5/2020

The Witches (2020)

I was a huge fan of Roald Dahl books as a kid and read every single one before the end of third grade. I tend to watch anything adapted from his works. I loved the original Witches because it was one of the most scarring adaptations of his works. I was super interested to see the update especially after hearing how over the top it was. It is basically the same story as the book and original movie where a boy and his grandmother get stuck in a hotel with a convention of witches. The boy gets turned into a mouse. The boy is played by Jahzir Bruno and he’s great at being the plucky hero. The grandma is played by Octavia Spencer who is, as usual, absolutely delightful and sassy. They are joined by Codie-Lei Eastick and Kristin Chenoweth who play two other heroic kids. Of course, almost every scene is stolen by Anne Hathaway who plays the Grand High Witch. The movie was great in that over the top kind of way. It was funny, it was beautifully shot, and it had a lot of the same old body horror but just done in a different way. I recommend this movie.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

I previously reviewed The Babysitter when it came out and I was excited to see a sequel. This movie is a big dumb, self-aware horror comedy movie. Judah Lewis returns as the terrorized boy from the previous movie and is great as a nervous but likable guy. Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne, Hana Mae Lee, and Andrew Bachelor all return as villains and they are just as goofy as before. They are joined by Juliocesar Chavez and Maximillian Acevedo who are just as dumb and fun. Emily Alyn Lind returns as the neighbor/love interest from the first movie. They added Jenna Ortega as a new weird girl and she really helped breathe fresh air into the movie. They were able to go over a lot of the same ground while keeping things fresh and fun. I recommend this movie.

Hausu (House)(1977)

This was definitely one of the strangest films I have seen and that is really saying something. This movie was purposefully made to be artsy yet really loopy. The filmmaker has admitted that he threw a lot at the wall to see if it stuck. The movie is about a group of high school girls who visit one of their aunt’s house for a retreat when all hell breaks loose. It stars nobody I had ever heard of before but everybody’s performance was perfect for what it needed to be. The movie is a surreal acid trip of a horror movie which is definitely intended to be funny and cartoony. There are so many interesting special effects that may never have been used before and may not be used again. If you do not watch this movie, at least look up some of the scenes on YouTube because wow. I do recommend watching this movie as it does have an interesting underlying message about Hiroshima and the gap between the young and the old in Japan.

Music of the Week:

Flamingods – Marigold

Fit For A King – God Of Fire

Dazy Chain – Good Life

Myk Eff – Cosmic Ray Juice

A#keem – When I’m With You

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “Halloween Hangover 2020”
I watched more Watcher videos
I watched more Harley Quinn Season 2
I watched more Doctor Who Season 11
I watched a lot of Twitch and YouTube
I watched WNUF Halloween Special
I watched Seed People
I started watching Agents of Shield Season Seven

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