The Christmas Lottery (2020) – Low Spoiler Review

My friend Kay filmed this movie this year so I thought I would drop everything and write a full review. I am going to start writing full spoiler reviews when the spirit moves me so get ready for that.

The Davenport family has drifted apart but when their father wins the lottery, they all come running home to get a cut. The true intention of the parents is to reunite the three sisters before their mother is completely gone.

Our Cast of Characters:

Deirdre Davenport (Asia’h Epperson) stayed behind in Texas to help with her parents’ restaurant and to help out with her mother’s advancing dimentia. She rarely takes time for herself and it is often left to her wife, Belinda (Phylicia Morgan), to take care of Deirdre while she is taking care of others. Deirdre is dedicated to her life of service but resents her sisters for leaving town and not being able to chase her own dreams.

Tammy Davenport (Candiace Dillard) is an aspiring musician who is trying like hell to break into the music business. Her boyfriend, Spyder (Terayle Hill), is a yoga teacher who does not earn much and is kind of a mooch but sweet. The combination means that the two are almost always getting evicted and barely have money for food.

Nicole Davenport (Brave Williams) is a high-powered professional in New York. She has no time for things like Christmas, love, or family. Her life is perfect but she does not realize how empty her life really is. She also just lost her high profile job and needs seed money for a new venture. She also runs into an old high school fling, Tyson (Lorenzo Cromwell), who gives her pause.

Daddy Davenport (Reginald VelJohnson) is a restaurant owner who is proud of his wife and his three daughters. He is a very playful guy who was always the Good Cop when his daughters acted up. He criticizes through comedy and tries (and succeeds) to be everybody’s friend.

Mama Davenport (Kay Megan Washington) is a former music teacher who always dreamed of starting her own school. She had to quit her job when her dimentia started to impact her life. Her dimentia is worse than most of her family suspected. She is still a very cheerful yet firm mother who still remembers being the disciplinarian. She does not want her family to know how bad things are.

So How Was It?

The movie set up really feels like a traditional cable/Netflix Christmas movie. Three sisters return to be a family again just in time for Christmas. A lot of the movie is devoted to the sniping between the three sisters as they work out their deep-seated issues that they have developed over the years. Bit by bit, you get the pleasure of watching cold hearts melt and walls come tumbling down. There are also three different couples and we get to watch their dynamic as they work through their personal issues. The chemistry between all of the actors is really good and each scene is very charming and easy to watch. Even the arguing is fun.

The movie approaches dimentia in a pretty good way. This is something that I am always worried about when a movie chooses to portray it. There is dimentia in my family and I have several friends in the same situation. Sometimes it is played for laughs or played too maudlin. Here, it is played as I have experienced it. It is the person fading away slowly and it is sad but you cherish the moments you have as they slip away. People tend to write off people who have dimentia before they are gone and the movie makes a point not to do that.

Overall, I really liked the movie as it really did feel like a family Christmas. You fall back into a familiar rythym but also discovering the differences that have developed over the years. You can’t help but keep that family drama and trauma in your head and heart but you have to push past it or you will be sick with it forever.


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