Poor Unfortunate Souls: Agrabah Pt. 1

Jasmine stared out over the desert from the top of the wall around the city of Agrabah, her home since birth. In the distance, she could just make out a huge blocky black building. It was apparently made of some sort of obsidian-like material as it glinted a bit when the sun was high. Her scouts told her that they could not find any entrance, exit, or opening of any kind in the building. This was not altogether shocking based on Aladdin’s tales of the Cave of Wonders which had even more fantastic architecture. Of course, she did not know how fantastic things were inside. At the same time, strangers had started to show up in Agrabah to buy food and supplies from the bazaar. The caravans went out to the building and did not come back.

Meanwhile, people had vanished from the city. Chief among those people was her beloved Aladdin and Genie, the two people she would have tasked with investigating this mystery. She was still Queen of Agrabah and she could not go galloping out there when it was hard enough to hold the city together during this strange crisis. At the same time as people disappeared, new people had suddenly appeared. They were strange people from strange lands that nobody had ever heard of. Even her oldest advisors could not recollect the geography that they talked about. It was strange and frightening but Jasmine was keeping it together. She even managed to repel an attack on Agrabah with the remnants of her security forces and some of these strangers. The attack was undoubtedly from the brand new building but nobody could figure out how it had been done.

“Queen Jasmine,” Mattias called out. “The meeting is beginning. Are you coming?” The deep voice startled Jasmine only a bit.

Jasmine briefly looked down at Rajah, her loyal companion and stroked the tiger’s broad back and scritched behind his ears. She looked over her shoulder at Mattias, standing there in strange foreign armor bearing the seal of some odd country called Arendelle.

“I’ll be there in a moment, Lieutenant Mattias,” Jasmine said with a smile. “Thank you.”

Mattias nodded and walked back inside. Mattias was one of the strangers who had appeared seemingly out of thin air, a military man from another world. He had a gentle heart but the courage and determination to do what needed to be done. He served a queen of his own but he had shifted his allegiance easily to Jasmine while he was stuck in Agrabah. Jasmine headed back inside with Rajah trailing behind her protectively. She took the cloth from her head as she stepped inside and enjoyed the shade for a moment. She made her way down the hallway to their makeshift war room and stepped inside. Before she closed the door she pointed at the floor outside of the room, instructing Rajah to relax and stand by.

“Your majesty,” Naveen said. “Thank you for coming.” Naveen was a prince who said that he resided in the land of New Orleans. He was easy-going and funny but he obviously had some potential to step up and do the right thing which he was now drawing on. He had a good heart but it was easy to interpret his attitude as not caring or focused too much on the good things in life.

“Thank you, Prince Naveen,” Jasmine said. “Do I smell your cooking?” One benefit of the arrival of strangers was the chance to sample new cultures which included completely different recipes. She did not have the gusto for food that Aladdin did but she definitely enjoyed a good meal. She could not wait to share these new foods with her husband when she found him. If she found him.

“Thankfully, my wife taught me how to cook,” Naveen said. “They’re called beignets.” The little fried bits of dough were sprinkled with must have been sugar and they looked different from any treat she had had before. This cloud had a silver lining.

“They’re delicious,” Kuzco said with his mouth full. “I’m bored, are we going to do something? Why am I even here?”

Naveen and Mattias looked annoyed by Jasmine remained patient. She would take the indolent and sarcastic Kuzco over Jafar any day. Kuzco was the emperor of Inca. He was teenaged so he definitely could be somewhat excused for his inexperience and immaturity. Jasmine started her interest in the affairs of state at young age but she knew she was probably an anomaly.

“We invited you because you claim to be royalty, Emperor Kuzco,” Jasmine said. “We thought you would have something to offer to our plans. With my advisors tasked with holding things together, I picked you three strangers to tackle the root of our problem.” She gestured in the vague direction of the strange building. “But I agree, we should get down to business.”

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