Media Update 2/11/21

Winx Club

After a series of tweets from Jenny Nicholson, I was very intrigued about this show. It was something that I never watched as the timing was off. I love magical girl shows and this was an interesting case. This is an Italian show that has been dubbed by three separate companies into English. The original Cinelume/RAI dub is free on YouTube so that’s what I decided to watch rather than pay for the 4Kids version on Amazon. It is a super interesting thing to look at, though. The show follows five girls at magic fairy school, one of which has been living as a human on Earth until her adolescent years. The voice acting is a little clunky in the first few episodes but it feels like it is starting to find its feet. The show is pretty formulaic but magical girl shows are known for being formulaic. I actually really like the writing because they do a lot to veer away from traditional cartoon relationships. They have somewhat complex characters who have somewhat realistic conversations. I also find the magic system interesting. So far it’s not spectacular but there is enough there to keep me wanting to watch. I sort of recommend the show but I do not know many people who would be interested.

Carnival Row

I had been intrigued by this show since I first saw ads for it but I never got around to watching it because I did not have a streaming service that was running it. I have been intrigued about the fae living alongside modern human society for ages and I have even attempted to write a bit of it. This is set in a fictional world where the fae live on a separate continent from humans but when war ravages their ancestral lands, they are forced to be refugees among humans. Therefore, the fae become sort of an analogy for people of color or gypsies or other cultural outsiders. Orlando Bloom plays a hardened human ex-soldier who is now a police detective who sympathizes with the fae. Cara Delevingne plays a hardened new refugee who is trying to find her way in the world. Karla Crome plays a fairy prostitute, trying to make money while also having a position of power within her community. The show is pretty dark but not overly so and the visuals are absolutely stunning. There is a larger mystery that I am very interested in getting to the bottom of. I recommend this show.

Tooth Fairy

I was very much expecting a goofy, teeth-focused horror film that I could at least laugh at. Unfortunately, this was a low budget soap opera with occasional horror moments, my least favorite of the horror movie types. I was hoping for more lore because I love fairy lore. The monster was a shape changer and could appear as someone trustworthy to their target. However, the title character was a cheap costume that you can see in the trailer above. It is set somewhere in England or Ireland or somewhere based on the accents. The acting was lower than Lifetime movie but that goes to budget and probably poor casting, writing, and direction. For example, the woman playing the grandmother looked younger than the woman playing her daughter. It really threw me. I was disappointed that I did not watch this with friends so we could make fun of it. I do not recommend it.

Music of the Week

M Ross Perkins – Wrong Wrong Wrong

Caligula’s Horse – Slow Violence

Anderson .Paak feat. Rick Ross – CUT EM IN

Wax – Better When You’re High

Mashup of the Week

Bill McClintock – Hip to Be the Sandman

Weekly Update
This week’s theme is “Coexisting with the Fae”
I watched more Watcher videos
I watched a lot of Twitch and YouTube
i watched more Elementary Season 3
I watched more The Crown Season 4
I watched more Sleepy Hollow Season 3

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