The Birds Solve a Riddler – A Birds of Prey Story

(Specifically takes place in the continuity of the Birds of Prey movie)

Edward Nygma aka The Riddler ran around the corner with his henchmen close behind him. They had just robbed a bank after Nygma had laid out a very clever heist. The heist had gone very smoothly but unbelievably, the getaway car had refused to start. Nygma cursed his luck. He was brilliant and wise but his luck was always bad. It was completely unfair when all of the other criminals, many of them half of his IQ, were far luckier. Now he and his goons were hoofing it through a Gotham alleyway. He stopped short when he saw a caped figure start to emerge from the shadows.

“Batman!” he cried out. “No! Impossible! My riddles should have occupied you across town for hours. You really are a match for my intellect. No matter, you’ll still die.” He pointed his gun but he felt a blinding pain in his hand and he dropped the gun. Was that a crossbow bolt in his hand?

“I’m not Batman,” the woman said as she stepped fully out of the shadows, cocking her crossbow.

“Well, who the hell are you!?” Riddler yelled. “Batgirl?”

The young woman shook her head and let herself smile a little. There was no reason to be so serious. At least, that is what they kept saying. “They call me… Huntress,” she said regarding the Riddler as she leveled her crossbow again. “Give up now.”

“Fat chance,” Riddler yelled. “They’re going to call you dead. Get her boys!” His henchmen started to aim their guns when two other women leapt out of the shadows and his guys started to get punched, sending their guns clattering to the ground.

“You know what,” Renee Montoya said. “I know Batman. I think Batman didn’t bother with your riddles. He’s just not here because he doesn’t care about you anymore.” She clocked one of the henchmen, sending him to the ground.

“I am Batman’s greatest rival,” Riddler said, somewhat defensively. “I’m sure he’ll be here to show you amateurs up at any point.” He said it proudly but the confidence did not quite reach his eyes and betrayed his true feelings. It was sad to see somebody get ghosted by an ex.

“Bad news, Riddler,” Black Canary said as she roundhouse kicked a henchman. “You’re stuck with us. You’re also forgetting the Joker, the Penguin, and ton of other people.”

“You’re just a bit above the Condiment King these days,” Montoya said. “It’s sad.”

“Yeah,” Huntress said. “I think people are all about Cluemaster these days.”

“Cluemaster!?” the Riddler yelled. “He’s a hack!” This is about when he noticed that his henchmen had all been knocked out. He sighed and his shoulders slumped.

Montoya held up a bunch of zip ties. “Make it easy on yourself, Riddler,” she said. “We won’t tell. You can tell them we beat you senseless. You can say there was ten of us.”

The Riddler grunted and slowly put his wrists together and extend them out, closing his eyes and turning his head away as if it would be Batman tying him up if he did not watch it happen.

It made the Birds of Prey chuckle a bit. They tied his hands behind his back and started the job of tying up his henchmen as the Riddler sat and pouted. They made quick work of it and then Montoya set off a blue smoke signal and they walked away.

“You know,” Black Canary said. “I think you’re getting better with the patter, Huntress.”

“Yeah?” Huntress asked with a smile. “Thanks. We still need to get Renee a mask.”

“I don’t think so,” Renee said.

4 Responses to “The Birds Solve a Riddler – A Birds of Prey Story”

  1. ahtdoucette Says:

    Great patter! I love these characters. I am a little disappointed I don’t get to meet Nog from yesterday but this is cool too!


    • Wolf of Words Says:

      Birds of Prey is a movie that makes me smile. Yeah, I’m doing a different mini-story every day. Some of them I’ve already planned on continuing after this month and others I’m still evaluating so this feedback really helps!


  2. Tarkabarka Says:

    Fun theme for A to Z! 🙂 Also, I loved the Birds of Prey movie. It was vastly underrated, and I want more of it.
    Poor Riddler 😀
    The Multicolored Diary


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