The Electrocutioner Strikes – A Batwoman Story

(I decided to posit what might happen if Ruby Rose got a second season on CW’s Batwoman)

“I am the Electrocutioner!” the woman yelled in the middle of Gotham’s main street at the top of her lungs. “Gotham will fry for what they’ve done to me!” She was wearing a black hood over her head but blond hair spilled from a hole in the back of it. She had some kind of heavy-duty gauntlets on and she was threatening everyone who came remotely close. She had a sack at her feet which was presumably filled with cash from the bank a few yards from her.

“Check this one out, Luke,” Kate said, perched far above in her Batwoman suit. “She’s absolutely crazy and kind of pathetic.”

“Careful, Kate,” Luke said over their communicator. “I’m reading a lot of energy coming from somewhere on her.”

Kate studied this so-called Electrocutioner before tapping the side of her cowl and activating lenses in her mask that allowed her to see closer. “It’s probably those gauntlets, Luke,” Kate said. “I mean, it seems pretty obvious.”

“Keep an eye on her for a moment,” Luke said. “The Batcave’s computers are analyzing her gear.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Kate said. “But I shouldn’t have to remind you that there’s a dangerous lunatic with potentially killer tech down there.”

“Oh,” Luke said without elaborating.

“What does ‘oh’ mean, Luke?!” Kate said forcefully into the commlink.

“The scan triggered something in the computers,” Luke said. “Her tech is definitely a match for the other Electrocutioners that Bruce fought.”

“Plural?” Kate asked. “How many?”

“Three of them,” Luke said. “They all shared the last name of Buchinsky.”

“Look to see if they had any younger blonde relatives maybe?” Kate asked. “Oh hell.”

“What’s wrong?” Luke asked.

“Sophie’s here,” Kate said. “Playing the hero again.”

“I’ll remind you that you ‘play the hero’ all the time and also that you’re both heroes,” Luke said. “I mean, in each in your own way.”

“I get it,” Kate said. “but she’s not equipped like Batwoman is.”

“I’ve got a hit,” Luke said. “Avery Buchinsky. She has the right build for Avery Buchinsky.”

Down below, The Electrocutioner’s gauntlets sparked and a bolt of electricity shot out and hit a trash can, setting the trash inside on fire. Sophie started to get people to back up, pulling her gun out.

“That’s my cue,” Kate said and she jumped from her ledge.

She activated her gliders closer to the ground and she drifted down to land on the top of a streetlight. She activated a microphone in her mask. She tapped into nearby public address speakers.

“Avery Buchinsky!” Batwoman yelled out and her voice filled the street with the aid of technology. “Make it easy on yourself. Surrender yourself to the authorities.”

“That’s not my name!” Electrocutioner yelled. “He said you’d show up and now you’re cooked!” She gestured with a gauntlet and a bolt of lightning hit the street light, overloading it and sending broken glass and sparks everywhere. Batwoman barely managed to swinging away using her grappling hook. She swung down to the street.

“You don’t have to go down the same road as your family, Avery,” Batwoman said. “I’m telling you from experience that you don’t have to let family tell you who you are.” She thought briefly about Alice, her father, and even Bruce. She was doing her own thing and she was helping people no matter what they might say.

Electrocutioner shook her head. She flexed her hands out to the side and arcs of electricity surrounded her. “I can’t stop,” Avery Buchinsky yelled out, her eyes wild under her mask. “I won’t stop! He won’t let me!”

“Then I have to stop you,” Batwoman said. “Don’t make me do this, Avery!”

“You can try!” Avery yelled out and prepared to unleash everything she had at Batwoman.

Batwoman sighed and dodged Avery’s full force attack and then threw a bolo. When the lines connected the two gauntlets, there was a blinding flash as they short circuited which sent Avery flying back through the bank’s plate glass window. Batwoman rushed to her and held two fingers against Avery’s pulse. She was still alive.

“Get an ambulance!” Batwoman yelled out toward Sophie who was already on her phone.

“Please,” Avery said weakly.

“Who was making you do this, Avery?” Batwoman asked. “Who?”

“He’ll hurt my family,” Avery said. “I can’t.”

“I’ll protect them,” Kate said. “I promise.”

“It was Zeus,” Avery managed to say before passing out.

4 Responses to “The Electrocutioner Strikes – A Batwoman Story”

  1. Doesnt Speak Klingon (@NotKlingonRed) Says:

    So I guess your theme for A to Z is Fan Fiction? Very interesting. I’ve never seen this show before. I’m doing flash fiction this month, based on reader prompts. Happy A to Z!
    Doesn’t Speak Klingon


  2. Tarkabarka Says:

    Dun-dun-DUN! I haven’t watched that show yet, but now I kinda want to 🙂 I thought Ruby Rose was a good choice.

    The Multicolored Diary


  3. Spacer Guy Says:

    Fascinating, I never realized batwoman was in town


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