The New Allison – A Teen Wolf Story

(I just started watching Teen Wolf in the last month or so and am only a few episodes into the first season. When my friend Glitter challenged me to write something on the show, I suddenly thought what if things in the first episode had gone differently.)

“I can’t believe I let you two take me out into the woods,” Allison said. “I barely know you and I fell for the ‘Want to see a dead body?’ line. My dad is going to kill me if he finds out.”

“He didn’t find out,” Scott said. “Everything is going to be alright, Allison.”

“Yeah,” Styles said. “We’ve got your back.”

The three of them were on there way to Allison’s house, walking her home after an impromptu journey into the woods to see what Styles’ sheriff father had been attending to. It had seemed morbid to Allison but she only had a few friends so far as the new girl and she thought it might be kind of thrilling. When Scott had asked her, she had reluctantly said yes.

“Are you OK?” Scott asked with concern in those big brown eyes of his. It was hard for Allison to stay mad at him. He was a nice guy and most of this was really Styles’ fault anyway.

“Something big bit me really hard,” Allison said, touching her right shoulder gingerly. “I didn’t get a greatest look at what did it but I guess I survived.”

“Something bit you?” Styles asked a little doubtfully. “You don’t seem to be in too much pain.” They had not yet reached the streetlights so it was hard to see.

Allison shot him an annoyed glance. “It’s already healed which is also totally weird,” she said. “You can still see the holes in my sweatshirt and all of the blood. See?”

“If Allison says that she got attacked by some animal, then she got attacked,” Scott said. “Those are some nasty holes and a lot of blood.” His eyes were wide and worried as he looked at the blood soaked into the fabric even in the low light.

Allison ripped the holes in the shoulder of her sweatshirt open a little wider before she thought about what she was doing. “But there’s no wound,” she said “It’s like it never happened.” They saw her undamaged and pristine skin before she blushed and tried to pull the shoulder of her sweatshirt back up without much success.

“What was it?” Styles asked, fully on board now. He even seemed a bit too excited about the whole thing. “What could be out here that would make a wound that size?”

“I think it was a wolf,” Allison said. “It had dark brown fur and it was really fast.”

“Well, actually,” Scott said with an air of authority. “There haven’t been wolves in this area for a long time.”

Stiles rolled his eyes. “Scott works for the local vet,” he said. “I guess it makes him pretty knowledgeable about animals.”

“I still think it was a wolf,” Allison said pointedly. “I went with dad on a few hunting trips even though I never really had the heart to shoot anything myself. It looked like a wolf but on two feet.”

“Like a werewolf?” Stiles asked with a slight smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.

Scott and Allison each punched Stiles in the shoulder, a synchronicity that was immediately funny to both of them. “Be serious, Stiles,” Scott said. “This isn’t the movies. This is real life.”

“Sorry,” Styles said. “You’re right. This is serious.” He rubbed the shoulder where Allison had punched him. She had hit surprisingly hard.

“We have to figure this out,” Allison said. “I feel kind of off like I’m feverish and something is building inside of me. I don’t want to go to the doctor if it’s going to get all of us in trouble but I might have to.” She looked absolutely worried. She had snuck out of the house and if she ended up in the hospital, she would be grounded for life.

“I might have an explanation,” Derek Hale said as he stepped from behind a tree, startling all three teens.

“How long have you been there?” Allison nearly yelled but managed to keep her voice down. “Nevermind, who are you?”

“That’s Derek Hale,” Scott said. “He’s kind of a town mystery.”

“And I’m also a werewolf,” Derek said.

“I told you!” Styles yelled, earning him a glare from Derek.

“We need to talk,” Derek said.

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    Wooooooooooo HOOOOOOO What a twist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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