One Day at Skinwalker Ranch – A Supernatural Story

Bobby Singer pulled his pickup off of the road and onto the dusty trail. He had driven through the night and was just now arriving in Ballard, Utah. It was nice that there was not an emergency but he needed something to take his mind off of Mary. He had made it clear to the Winchesters after her funeral what they had to do but they did not want to listen. That damned angel was in their ear. He had to get out of there. They asked him to stay but he reminded them that he was not their Bobby and he could do as he pleased. He had been hearing about this weird place that was all over cable for some reason. Usually, that meant it would be a scam or just an urban legend but it never hurt to check.

He passed under a big sign that read ‘Sherman Ranch’ but he knew that it usually went by the name ‘Skinwalker Ranch’. The latter name was based off of Navajo legends of the Skinwalker, a creature that Bobby knew was real. He doubted there were any real skinwalkers. He heard a lot of wild stuff about UFOs but he had never met an alien during the war or here on this Earth. He suddenly wondered if the other Bobby Singer had been here before. Maybe he was a damned fool for coming but he had driven the whole way, he might as well get out of the car. He did so and headed toward the main building.

A wiry young guy came out onto the porch. “Are you the new expert they called in?” he asked, squinting in the sun.

Bobby flashed a fake badge at the man. “Mike Kayser, Department of the Interior,” Bobby said gruffly. “Not here officially, of course.”

“Of course,” the man said. “I’m Ed Zeddemore, paranormal investigator.”

“Ever found anything paranormal, Ed?” Bobby asked, somewhat mockingly.

“Actually, yeah,” Ed said. “You haven’t seen our videos online? Ghostfacers?”

“Shit,” Bobby said. “That’s you. Yeah, I’ve heard of you.” He had seen the videos at the cabin at one point. Mary had cued them up and they had laughed at them together. Apparently, they had been along for the ride on some real ghost adventures. The Ghostfacers were losers but at least they had seen the real stuff and lived.

“Unfortunately, the Ghostfacers are done,” Ed said with a sigh. “My fault. I’m on my own for now. I miss Harry but he’s also doing his own thing. I decided to expand from ghosts into some of this other paranormal stuff. It’s been pretty interesting.”

“What do you think of this place then?” Bobby asked. “Is it a load of bullshit?”

“I’m not so sure,” Ed said. “The stuff that they’ve been describing sounds scary but matches some stuff I’ve heard of elsewhere. Have you ever seen a skinwalker before?”

“Can’t say that I have,” Bobby said, somehow with a straight face. “Not in person.”

“They’re big wolf-like creatures, walking on their hind legs and all stooped over and vicious,” Ed said. “I hope we see one.”

“That’s not a skinwalker, dipshit,” Bobby thought. “That’s a werewolf. Skinwalkers aren’t nearly as dangerous.”

Instead of saying any of that out loud, Bobby instead played it cool and noncommittal. “Sounds nasty,” he said. “Glad I’ve got my rifle in the truck.”

Ed nodded. “There are even weirder things here too,” he said. “They even talked about portals and wormholes.”

Now that got Bobby’s attention. He and several friends had traveled to this world through a portal and/or wormhole and he had no intention of going back. He was pretty sure there was nothing to go back to. Other portals usually led somewhere else bad like Purgatory, Hell, Heaven, or the so-called Bad Place. If there were portals around, it had to be dealt with. It may have been above his weight class but he could always get somebody on it after an investigation. Of course, this could all still be bullshit.

“The rest of the team is at Homestead B,” Ed said. “That leaves you and me here at Homestead A for the day and tonight.”

“Isn’t that cozy,” Bobby said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

Ed did not seem to catch the tone in Bobby’s voice. “Do you want a beer?” he asked.

“I think I’m going to need one,” Bobby said. “Show me what you’ve got.”

They headed into the house.


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