Passing is Magic – A Potterverse Story

Ross Granger-Weasely took a deep breath and then a sip of coffee before he stood up and walked toward the door of his office. He stopped momentarily and glanced out of the window at the bustling Diagon Alley. It was market day and even on the third floor, Ross could see all of the activity. He had put a lot of work into this office, slowly decorating it and getting it just right. Uncle George had helped with the real estate since his shop was still operating down the block. His parents had been encouraging but he had wanted to do this on his own if he could. He took another deep breath and felt more centered so he opened the door.

“Luke Lammermoor?” Ross called out into the waiting room, his eyes locking onto what looked like a young man whose eyes made contact and then he lowered his gaze to the floor.

“It’s Lucia, actually,” Lucia who had formerly been Luke said. “I mean, I think. I’m trying it on.”

Ross smiled warmly. “Then it’s Lucia until you tell me otherwise,” he said. “Won’t you come in?”

Lucia nodded and stood up before heading into the office. Ross waved his wand in the air of the waiting room and the space filled with white noise just in case somebody walked in while they were in session. Only then did he close the door firmly. He walked behind his desk and gestured for Lucia to sit down while he sat down himself.

“Please, have a seat,” Ross said. “Let’s have ourselves a little chat, shall we?”

Lucia nodded and sat down. “I don’t really know what to say,” Lucia said.

Ross nodded. “It’s really difficult to find the words,” he said. “First, why don’t we start with pronouns? I want to address you as correctly as possible.”

“Um,” Lucia said. “I think I would like to be a her if that’s alright.” She looked a little embarrassed about it but also perhaps relieved to have it out in the open.

“She/her?” Ross asked. “You don’t need my permission, Lucia. You don’t need anybody’s permission. If that’s who you are and how you feel then that is your truth.

Lucia brightened at that. “Thanks,” she said. “This is all really new.”

“It’s a lot to think about, especially at first,” Ross said. “It can be a confusing time so I’m glad you came here where I can help you out.”

Lucia nodded but said nothing.

“I can tell that you’re nervous,” Ross said as gently as possible. “How about I talk first and you answer if you’re up to it?”

“Alright,” Lucia said.

“Well, I first realized that I was trans during my fourth year at Hogwarts,” Ross said. “I had been having stray thoughts about how much I disliked my body when I looked in the mirror for quite a while but it did not really click until I attended a talk by Luna Lovegood. She had been traveling around delivering speeches for her Live Your Truth movement. I went to thank her afterward since our parents knew each other and she asked me point blank what my truth was. Before I knew what was happening, I blurted out that I wanted to be a boy. After more soul-searching, I was finally living my truth.”

“My story is a bit different,” Lucia said. “I just started having all of these dreams of being a girl. I always felt really disappointed when I woke up. I always kind of thought that I was born broken.”

“Broken is such a harsh word, Lucia,” Ross said. “I felt the same way, though. You’re not broken, though. It’s just that your identity outside doesn’t match who you are inside. Broken is a word that sounds so hopeless. Doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Lucia said with a deep sigh. “It does.”

“But it’s not hopeless,” Ross said. “The muggles have surgery and we have magic. The spell has been perfected over time and if that’s what you want to do, we can get that arranged for you. I also have a wizard solicitor who can arrange all of the official record changes for you. Have you talked to your parents at all about this?”

“Um,” Lucia said and then clammed up.

Ross nodded. “It’s hard even if your parents are open-minded,” he said. “My dad pretty much freaked out but my mom helped him through it. He’s always been kind of high-strung and mom’s very smart. She only wanted to make sure that I was sure so that’s why I eventually wanted to do the same thing. If you want, I can walk you through how you might talk to your parents or we can bring them here to talk about it together. You don’t have to make that decision now, though. We can continue to talk about it and make sure that if you do want to transition, that we make it as easy as possible for you.”

Lucia let out a breath and seemed to relax. “Alright, I’d like that,” she said.

“Do you want a cup of tea or coffee?” Ross asked.

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One Response to “Passing is Magic – A Potterverse Story”

  1. Liam Says:

    J.K. Rowling would hate this story, and that makes it great!


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