Red of the Feywild – A Fairy Tale/DnD Story

Red had spent three full years away from her village near the woods and it was strange to be back. Years ago she had left on a simple errand, through the woods to grandmother’s house to deliver a basket of food to help her nana through a sickness. On the way, she had been accosted by a wolf that had spoken to her. She had been shaken by the experience but she had survived. When she had arrived at her nana’s house, she had discovered that the wolf had already attacked the house. Her nana was dead. Red would have been killed too in that cabin if a passing huntsman had not saved her. He escorted her back to the village.

It turned out that the wolf had attacked in that area because it had been displaced by a roving band of orcs. When they arrived back at Red’s village the next day it was on fire. Her parents had been killed in the chaos. She gathered up what belongings she wanted and followed the huntsman back into the woods. For two years the huntsman and his wife had taught her how to survive, how to hunt, and how to fight. Eventually, she was old enough to hunt and forage on her own. She was armed so she felt a lot braver. She even hoped she might meet a wolf or some orcs and show them how much stronger she was.

Except, life had other plans. She wounded a rabbit with her bow and arrow and while she was chasing it, she crawled under a fallen tree. When she stood back up she realized she had managed to fall out of her world. She was in a dangerous new place and it was a week later that she confirmed that she had entered the Feywild. That was only when she had found other people her age. They had banded together to survive and, impossible as it might seem, they survived a full year in the Feywild together. Alice the elf noble, Jack the human trickster, a halfling altar boy named Seng, and a tiefling farm girl named Buira. It had hardened them into true adventurers. A ranger, a warlock, a rogue, a cleric, and a fighter.

“We don’t have to be here,” Alice said gently from behind Red. “We can turn around and find work elsewhere.”

“Now wait a minute,” Jack said. “avoiding trauma is all well and good but we still need food and a place to sleep tonight.” They had existed for an entire year without a proper bed but, now that they were back, some of them had grown accustomed to a nice downy bed.

“Quiet Jack,” Alice said and waved her hand. Her hand mirror lit up and Jack’s mouth kept moving but no sound came out. The magical cat that lived in that pendant and spoke only to Alice was a bit strange but they all trusted Alice’s judgment.

“It’s alright,” Red said. “Jack’s right. A job is a job. Besides, the village is being stalked by a monster. If we can help, we should.”

“I agree,” Alice said. “I just wanted to make sure that we are all on the same page.”

“We are in complete harmony,” Seng said. “Together there is no obstacle we cannot overcome.” He was always so optimistic and calming. It could be irritating sometimes but often, it was actually comforting.

“Our strength has much to do with it as well,” Buira said. “We will not be here long if it is a single monster we are dealing with.” Buira was so strong that it had been scary at first but she was very loyal to her friends.

“Good,” Red said. “Staying in one place too long makes Jack’s fingers start to itch.” Jack had earned himself a criminal reputation during their time together.

“I don’t steal things that much,” Jack said indignantly.

“Tell that to the goose,” Red said with a smile. Knowing her friends had her back made her a bit braver about walking into her old village again. “Let’s get some food and our rooms before we ask about the monster.”

“A solid plan,” Seng said. “It will be good to rest my feet.”

“I agree,” Red said. She had been running long enough.

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  1. @breakerofthings Says:

    Hi! A really enjoyable set of stories. I’m sorry I haven’t commented on all of them, but I’ve learned a lot :0)

    David – @BreakerOfThings from
    Fiction Can Be Fun
    Saying hello as part of the #A2ZChallenge

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