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Poor Unfortunate Souls: Hawaii Pt. 8

June 5, 2021

Adam hesitated when Maui asked him for his story point blank but part of changing for the better was confronting the past straight on. He took a deep breath.

“I was a wealthy prince in the countryside of France,” he said. “I was arrogant, I was pushy, and I was practically begging for karma. Finally, it showed up in the form of an enchantress. She appeared in the form of a beggar so I had my servants turn her away. She repaid me by cursing me to live forever in that beast form that you saw earlier. She also cursed all of my servants to become all of the furniture and objects in the castle. If I did not find true love, we would all remain in our cursed forms forever.”

“What happened?” Moana asked. “Obviously, you broke the curse. Well, sort of.”

Adam nodded. Here came the worst part. “I took a woman hostage and kept her in my castle. I’m not proud of it. It was a horrible thing to do and no explanation could excuse my behavior. I bullied her, I raged at her, and I treated her horribly while my servants were courteous and kind. Her kindness and compassion softened my heart especially since I did not deserve it. She broke the spell and freed me and I’ve been trying since to make it up to her and be a better person.”

“Except you can still turn into that beast,” Maui said. “What’s that about?” It was a good question. It definitely gave Adam pause. He spent a lot of time in his own head but he easily recognized that he was not very wise. He rarely had the answer. He paid people to have the answer.

“I don’t know,” Adam said with a sigh. “Magic never really made any sense to me. Maybe I still need the Beast for now. Maybe this time the Beast will get me back to Belle.”

“Maybe,” Moana said. “or maybe once we fix things, you’ll go back to normal. That happened on my adventure.” She thought of how a little bit of compassion

“Our adventure,” Maui said, feeling a compulsion to correct her.

“Yeah, I guess you did some things too,” Moana said, gently teasing the demigod. “and now we’re a trio. We’re going to solve this thing and get things back to normal. Well, as normal as they ever are.”

“All those people out there are cursed like I was,” Adam said. “Turned into animals. We need to reverse the curse and set them free. I know how they must feel.”

“Too bad they can’t just turn back like I can,” Maui said, raising his hook for a moment. Moana caught sight of the hook and her eyes widened with a sudden realization. That look made Maui as nervous as it did from the beginning. He had learned not to underestimate her.

“Maybe they can,” Moana said. “but you’re going to have to let Pleakley and Jumba study your hook.”

“My hook!?” Maui yelled. “You must be crazy.”

“She’s right,” Adam said. “If that thing lets you change into animals and back then maybe it can help all of those people.” He shrugged. It seemed as good an idea as any.

“This ‘thing’ is a gift from the Gods,” Maui said indignantly. “It’s not a toy. It’s mine. I went through a lot to get it back.” He looked at Moana and crossed his arms. “We went through a lot to get it back.” It meant a lot that Maui was sharing credit. It almost never happened.

“We’ll make sure they’re careful with it,” Moana said. “It won’t be damaged again.”

Maui sighed. “If it will help, they can study it,” he said. “But I will watch their every movie.”

“Deal,” Moana said with a little laugh. “Thank you.” That thank you was genuine and heartfelt. Maui was close to her heart even if he could be a total goof and a selfish pig sometimes.

“You’re welcome,” Maui said gruffly before rolling his eyes and smiling. “Maui to the rescue again.”

Media Update 6/3/21

June 3, 2021

Hell House LLC

I do not usually watch found footage movies but this one was definitely worth it. The movie is about a crew of young people who run a business called Hell House LLC. They travel around the country and set up haunted houses in rundown real estate. They are working in the town of Abaddon, New York when their fake haunted house turns out to maybe be actually haunted. I liked how understated all of the scares were and everything seemed to be practical effects. Our cameraman is played by Gore Abrams who is witty enough to like and genre savvy enough to show us stuff we should be worried about. The other stand out was Ryan Jennifer who plays the main female cast member who gets to act super weird and gets the bulk of the actual acting scenes. The story is pretty straightforward and the tension gets ratcheted up at a very good pace. The characters are dumb as doornails but sometimes that just makes for a great horror movie. I recommend this movie.


A bunch of bored college students decide to head out to a haunted house on Halloween and find one in the middle of nowhere. Everything seems fine at first as they are asked to sign releases before entering but things are not as they seem. The movie stars Katie Stevens, a young woman with a dark past who has to lead her friends out of danger. Lauryn McClain is a standout as more of a party girl friend who is also a strong leader. Will Brittain is very good as the strapping young good guy who just wants to protect everyone. The villains are great at being absolutely sinister but also a little offbeat comedic. The movie was executive produced by Eli Roth but thankfully his stink is not on it too much but I can definitely see a little of his torture porn in the mix. There is a thick tension all of the way through the movie and it takes a while for the reveal to fully land. I recommend this movie.


This one was more of a horror/comedy movie. A couple of bored college kids decide to attend the opening of a Waxwork in town. (Here that term means a spooky house with wax figures in horror tableaus). However, it turns out that the exhibits are portals to realms where some of the worst figures in horror are real and dangerous. The movie stars Zach Gilligan who is a troubled yet good-hearted young man and kind of the leader of his group. Deborah Foreman plays the nerdy girl with hidden depths. Michelle Johnson plays the hot yet icy young flirt. David Warner is great as the creepy waxwork owner. Among other monsters, Miles O’Keefe’s Dracula and John Rhys-Davies’ werewolf definitely stand out with powerful performances. The movie is delightfully goofy but also pretty scary in places, a perfect blend. The movie is written and directed by Anthony Hickox and does well as a second-generation director. It is a classic eighties horror movie. I recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

Cissie Redgwick – Gimme That Swing

Stolas – Bellwether

Ladybeard – Deadlift Lolita

Clean Bandit – Baby

Mashup of the Week:

Ruined Music – Mr. Brightside, You Know It’s True

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “Scary Attractions”
I watched more Watcher videos
I watched a lot of Twitch and YouTube
i watched more Elementary Season 4
I finished Conspiracies

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