Media Update 8/12/21

The Suicide Squad

The 2011 film was disappointing even though it could have been good. When James Gunn departed (was kicked out of) Marvel and was snapped up to Direct this, I was excited. Apparently, Warner Brothers made the correct choice and gave Gunn plenty of creative freedom and he churned out a really great movie. The movie is part sequel and part reboot of the franchise. Gunn purposefully picked a lot of relatively unknown or C-tier DC villains for the movie and worked closely with comic writer John Ostrander (one of the creators of the Deadpool). The cast is absolutely mind-blowing. Margot Robbie returns as Harley Quinn and they had the good sense to continue her throughline from Birds of Prey. Idris Elba is a great foundation for the movie as Bloodsport with a great world weary but humorous portrayal. John Cena continues to wow me as a comedic actor and a great physical presence. Viola Davis is once again magnetic as Amanda Waller. Daniela Melchior has been rightly praised as the heart of the movie. I cannot recommend this movie enough.

Snake Eyes

I really enjoyed the two GI Joe movies (The Rise of Cobra and Retaliation) as they felt like big dumb action movies with plenty of comedy. The first one was even directed by Stephen Sommers (The Mummy) and the second one was directed by John Chu (Crazy Rich Asians). This movie felt in the same vein as the other GI Joe movies but was even better. Henry Golding plays the lead and he has so much charisma that it is insane. He spends much of his time working with Andrew Koji who is great at being earnest and somewhat menacing. Haruka Abe plays a great nuanced character. The cast is really good and the story has a great slow burn story with brilliant action scenes. I really hope this movie leads to more GI Joe content because there is a lot of potential for stories to be mined from the franchise. I recommend this movie.

Doom: Annihilation

This was a pretty run of the mill action/science fantasy movie. As the movie itself points out, it is very much a ripoff of Alien but without the suspense and more action. A lot of relentless action. The gunplay is pretty neat but you are not given much chance to get to know any of the characters until well into the movie. Still, the movie does feel like a somewhat accurate adaptation of the world of Doom (but without Doomguy). The movie is interesting enough but not great. Amy Manson is the obvious standout of the film as the lead, a UAC marine leader. She is the most interesting character by far so it’s good that she is the lead. The rest of the characters are neat and have interesting stories but the movie does not dive very deeply into them or allow them to be too interesting. The monster design is pretty game accurate and interesting. I do not recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

King Garbage – Piper

Joji – Run

Rekcahdam – I’m Better Than You

Snapped Ankles – Rhythm Is Our Business

Mashup of the Week:

There I Ruined It – Hey-Lo

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “Special Ops”
I watched a lot of Twitch and YouTube
I watched more Forensic Files
I watched more SGDQ 2021
I finished watching Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes
I watched Fear Street 1978
I started to watch Batwoman Season 2


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