Media Update 10/14/21

Halloween 5

I have not seen a lot of the Michael Myers movies but I heard this one was bad so I kind of wanted to watch it. We have all of the familiar elements of a Halloween movie but they tried to work a few new elements into it. They tried to add more occult elements into the franchise but studio meddling seemed to end that notion. Donald Pleasance returns as the off-kilter psychiatrist Loomis who is always a commanding presence. Child actor Danielle Harris is really good as Michael’s niece Jamie who is great as a troubled little kid. Wendy Kaplan plays more of the traditional last girl and did a great job. Beau Starr is great as the Sheriff with a chip on his shoulder who just wants to end Haddonfield’s turnout. The movie has a lot of good slasher moments although it was apparently toned down. Don Shanks does a good job as the Shape that used to be Michael Myers. I actually recommend this movie for a decent slasher.

Exorcist III

Most people did not enjoy Exorcist II: The Heretic and I was one of those people. Years after seeing it, I started to hear that the third film was good or at least better. This one is partially based on the sequel novel to the Exorcist written by William Blatty. This time around, Blatty decided to direct the movie himself since William Friedkin was busy (or uninterested?). This movie is fairly different from the Exorcist so much so that Blatty objected to the movie being under The Exorcist banner. The movie is more of a crime drama with supernatural elements. The movie follows George C. Scott as a police detective trying to figure out a disturbing and personal mystery. Brad Dourif is great as the villain and much of the strength of the movie are his interractions with Scott. Brad Dourif is great at being creatively creepy in front of a camera and excels at horror movies. The movie is a slow burn with a lot of interesting creepy moments. I recommend this movie.

Return of the Living Dead II

Last year I watched the first installment of this franchise and I was pleasantly surprised. The combination of over-the-top hammy acting, slapstick, and horror absolutely worked. It was strangely difficult to find this sequel somewhere that was streaming. I could find the first one and number three everywhere but this one was rare. I can see why. It is way more fun than the first one. The first movie felt way shorter but this movie felt like more of a fun journey. They expanded the list of characters to include more sympathetic characters. James Karen and Thom Mathews return as a comedy duo like laurel and hardy. The zombies are a laugh riot full of funny character work and zippy one-liners. Michael Kenworthy, Thor Van Lingen, and Marsha Dietlein. are great as the sane characters who we are actually rooting for. Suzanne Snyder is also great as the screaming hysterical comic relief. The gore is over the top (and mostly the zombies) and a lot of fun. I recommend this movie.

Music of the Week:

Harley Poe – I’m A Killer

Worldstarhiphop – Halloween Cypher 3.0

Lamont – Flesh to Flesh

Bryan Ferry – Your Painted Smile

Mashup of the Week

DJ Dankz – Heathez Barz

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “Horror Sequels”
I watched a lot of Twitch and YouTube


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