Media Update 12/16/21

Elves (Nisser)

Sometimes, it is really fun to watch fictional horror about people too dumb to live. This is one of those stories. A Danish family from the city decides to spend their Christmas vacation on a remote island that does not see many outsiders. A dangerous secret is unleashed. You can probably guess what it is. The main family is ridiculously dumb and gullible like they are characters from a cautionary fairy tale. Of course, the locals are not much smarter. Still, it is an interesting suspenseful tale that makes allusions to the importance of ecology. I liked the folklore and some of the world-building. Some of the characters were really fun to watch. I recommend this show.

A Boy Called Christmas

I absolutely love world-building and I love different takes on folklore. The past two years I got it from The Christmas Chronicles but this year it is this movie. This is the story of a young boy who travels northward to find the fabled Elfhelm. The titular boy is played by Henry Lawfull and he hits just the right tone of optimism without being too sugary sweet or annoying. Stephen Merchant is excellent as his sidekick, a himbo as only he can play. Maggie Smith is an excellent narrator with a dry sense of humor. Sally Hawkins is darkly villainous but compelling. Zoe Coletti is absolutely insane and I loved her. The special effects are really interesting and they work well with the character designs.

Santa Inc.

I have had a weird experience with this show. I was very close to tapping out after the first episode because the show leans on a lot of tired “adult animation” tropes. Namely, there are a lot of raunchy sex jokes and jokes about drugs. I looked at the reviews on Twitter and saw a lot of anti-semitic bile being spewed and decided to give it another shot out of spite. Basically, it is Succession done in the North Pole. Sarah Silverman stars as a female elf who has been number 3 at the North Pole for years but now wants to make a play to be Santa’s successor. She is a lot of fun in the role and has a lot of heart. Seth Rogen plays a dundering Santa from a long line of Santa’s where the role is passed down as a corporate position. There are a lot of colorful characters but I specifically want to shout out Gabourey Sidibe and Leslie Grossman who play the main character’s best friends. The show is growing on me and there are not that many episodes. I actually recommend this show.

Music of the Week:

Run The Jewels – A Christmas F*cking Miracle

The Sweaterettes – Ugly Sweater Time

The Bodega Brovas – Covid Christmas

TERRORVISION – Our Christmas Song

Mashup of the Week:

MashupChuck – Spiderwebs This Christmas

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “Elves of the North”
I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch
I watched more Doom Patrol Season 3
I watched more Titans Season 3
I watched more Young Justice Season 4
I watched more Stargirl Season 1
I started Bob’s Burgers Season 12
I finished Elementary Season 6
I finished Chucky Season 1
I watched Cat-Women of the Moon (Rifftrax Version)

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