Movie Pitch: Wild Wild West (2023)

I was considering doing a series of movie pitches. I have a lot of random ideas about movies and I had fun doing the Movie Poster project. This is an extension of that. Most of the movies are going to be sequels or remakes because if I have an original idea for a movie then I am writing the whole script. The movie being remade is not necessarily bad, it just means that I have an idea that I want to get out.
And with that, I present my ideas for a remake of

Wild Wild West

We begin the movie with Jim West and Artemus Gordon already working together. They are a formidable force as Secret Service agents under Ulysses S. Grant. It is an uneasy time in the United States as efforts to come back after the Civil War are underway. Many American cities in the South are ravaged yet rebuilding. Slavery has ended and America is just starting to learn how that works. It is a new era for the United States but ghosts of the past still haunt the newly rejoined country.

We begin in media res with West and Gordon on a mission in Montana Territory. Their wagon thunders down a trail and we see several rough customers in their own wagon are looking nervously back toward the duo. Artemus Gordon angrily complains about Jim West blowing their operation but they have no time to discuss the matter. Gunfire erupts from the baddies and Jim returns fire as Artemus tries to drive. After a wild and dangerous chase. both parties exchange gunfire from behind their respective wagons. Artemus deploys a flash grenade gadget which allows the pair to get the drop on the goons and arrest them.

Cut to a dining establishment where the boys are meeting with an envoy from head office. They relate that, although the operation was a bit shaky, the two were able to apprehend the Canadian nationals who were trying to establish a smuggling route. Washington will be able to interrogate the prisoners and bring the matter to the attention of the Canadian government. The day is once again saved. The two are now being tasked with dealing with a more internal threat. There are rumblings of a separatist militia forming from ex-Confederate soldiers to reignite the fight. They need to investigate and put a stop to this new threat. They accept, obviously.

Back on their train, West visits Gordon in his lab. West apologizes for how the last operation went down and Gordon accepts the apologies. They do not have to understand each others’ methods if the methods ultimately work. Gordon feels like he does not get as much credit as action hero Jim West but West dismisses the notion.

The two then must engage in an operation investigating a plantation in Georgia. The Smith Estate has been recently rebuilt but still bears the scars of being burned down during Sherman’s March. It is heavily fortified and high walls surround it. Going undercover proves a challenge for both men. Brash and confident Jim West must stay under the radar as a black man in the South. Artemus Gordon must use his chameleon skills to go undercover in the very belly of the beast. There they discover a plot by the charismatic Doctor Loveless to kidnap and replace politicians to transform the USA into their vision of paradise. The two discover that the first target is a collection of northern Senators visiting New Orleans.

Due to sabotage from the Loveless gang, the pair arrive late to the kidnapping attempt and fail to prevent it. During the fight, Emily James, a Senator’s daughter acquits herself well but is also overwhelmed and kidnapped.

Frustrated, the two must go back to the Smith Estate and exfiltrate the Senators. Artemus’ disguises and gadgets get them in and they make it to the cell where the politicians are being kept. However, the arrival of the duplicates complicates things and the pair must team up with a Senator’s daughter to defend the politicians. With the place now in chaos, Dr. Loveless must be apprehended or, if necessary, killed. Gordon tells West to go on and he will remain behind to protect the Senators. West tells Gordon that he can’t do it alone and needs his partner. The Senator’s daughter remains behind to protect the politicians.

The pair tear through the Estate. Jim West uses expert marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat skills. Artemus Gordon uses a combination of gunplay and his trademark gadgets. The two corner Loveless but in the heat of battle, Loveless escapes to fight another day. Loveless’ lieutenant has Jim West dead to rights but Gordon is able to distract him so West can deliver the death blow.

In a debriefing with President Grant, West gives a lot of the credit to Gordon and the two seem to be on the same page again. Loveless may have gotten away but his plot was foiled and they will grab him when he appears next. Grant introduces them to the newest member of the Secret Service, the Senator’s daughter.


Agent Jim West played by Lakeith Stanfield – Formerly of the Army. Jim West is a strong action hero who favors the straightforward approach. He is still finding his place as a black man in one of the highest-ranked positions in law enforcement in the country.

Agent Artemus Gordon played by Taron Egerton- An actor before he was a soldier. Artemus Gordon has a flair for the dramatic and disappears into his undercover roles. He also comes up with the team’s gadgets.

Emily James played by – The daughter of Senator James. She is highly intelligent and has studied law enforcement extensively. She is highly enamored of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle and also tales of gunfighters of the Old West.

Doctor Tiberius Loveless played by Daniel Craig – A wealthy confederate backer. He is charismatic and has garnered a loyal following in the shadows of reconstruction.

Possible Directors: Ryan Coogler, Rian Johnson, Antoine Fuqua, Patrick Hughes

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