Media Update 12/30/21

Critters 3

Critters is by far one of the best of the multitude of Gremlins knockoffs. The franchise has a great mix of comedy, horror, and action. The creatures also feel far more menacing than the Gremlins. This time, the alien Critters go urban for the first time and attack a rundown tenement apartment building. The tenants must band together to survive a full assault. Don Keith Opper returns as the goofy Charlie, a character from the first two films. The star of the movie is Aimee Brooks who plays a plucky tomboy who cares for her family and her fellow tenants. This is Leonardo DiCaprio’s first feature film and he plays a somewhat entitled but brave rich kid. The rest of the cast is full of great character actors who provide comic relief and Critter bait. I continue to enjoy the beautiful puppets. I recommend this movie.

Weedjies! Halloweed Night

Full Moon Features definitely developed a love of weed in the 21st century. They also really like the Ouija board (all this time it is a Weedjie board). In a rundown hotel in Las Vegas, a group of college kids tries to throw a Halloween party. The party is interrupted by creatures from beyond in a deadly game of hide and seek. The movie is naturally super goofy with dumb humor but somewhat likable characters. Also, I enjoy any movie with puppet monsters and this movie has some nasty-looking ones. It was good mindless fun. I recommend this movie if you like low-budget horror.

Prison of the Dead

Another Full Moon Features film. Five young people in a paranormal society gather at an ancient prison when they awaken some undead executioners. The movie cast is full of unlikeable people who make for good horror fodder. It is a good excuse to show guys in good horror makeup chasing around dumb yet arrogant people. I like the camera work and, as I mentioned, I like the design of the undead threats. I recommend this movie for some simple fun.

Music of the Week:

TOKYOPILL – Metadata

Fruitfly – Reeling

Crocodylus – Social Climber

Infinite Monkey Theorem – A Trip I Never Should’ve Taken

Mashup of the Week:

Samuel’s Mashups – How Far I’ll Go Under the Sun

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “My Birthday”
I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch
I watched more Elementary Season 7
I watched more Titans Season 3
I watched more Bob’s Burgers Season 12
I watched Stitches (Rifftrax version)
I started watching Legends of Tomorrow Season 6
I started watching Blacklist Season 8
I started watching Locke and Key Season 2
I finished Stargirl Season 1
I finished Hawkeye Season 1

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