Media Update 1/20/22


I have been a fan of Damian Lewis for quite a while so this show has been on my radar. The show is largely about the clash between a US Prosecutor and a hedge fund manager. The show is about investigating financial crime and the crazy world of finance. Damian Lewis is fantastic in a villainous role, bringing his usual intensity to a really well-written character. Paul Giamatti is, of course, brilliant as the show’s heavily flawed protagonist. Maggie Siff plays a really interesting character in the middle. I also really like Condola Rashad as a clever and charismatic investigator. The show’s dialogue is so good, right up there with West Wing or Better Call Saul. The chess game laid out is intensely interesting and I find myself really curious about the next moves. I recommend this show.


This show is really being hyped up lately so I decided to see what the fuss was about. The show follows a family who works for their father’s telecommunications company. It feels like it is depicting what would happen if Walt Disney was still alive (and all of it happened decades later). The show is full of detestable rich people who snipe at each other and react to the rest of the world like aliens. In that way, it is probably an incredibly accurate portrayal of the rich and why we rightfully hate them. I get a really sick feeling in my stomach watching this show. Brian Cox is great as the old war dog of a father. Kieran Culkin plays a perfect prick. Jeremy Strong plays another neurotic rich boy. Sarah Snook plays a queen bee and perhaps the most likable (not saying much). I struggle with whether to recommend this. It is good but it makes me feel sick.

Agatha Christie’s Crooked House

I like a good mystery but my experience with Christie has been mixed. This is a pretty solid tale of a young man who is invited by an ex-lover to investigate the murder of her wealthy father. The house is teeming with wealthy, cold-blooded sharks with plenty of means and motive to kill the deceased. I can see how this story might have influenced Knives Out a bit. The story seems to be set in the late Forties (when Christie wrote the original story). Max Irons plays the young detective, dogged in his search even if he might uncover painful secrets. Stefanie Martini is great as the enigmatic yet wild ex-lover. Christina Hendricks is so good as an ex-dancer clearly modeling her performance on Marilyn Monroe. There are also great performances by Glenn Close, Terrance Stamp, Gillian Anderson, and so many more. I came into this movie with somewhat low expectations but I really liked it. I recommend this movie.

Milk Me – Scrappy Doo

Kerosene Heights – tired of me

J.R. Kensington – 4:00

Milli Smoke – Losing My Head

Mashup of the Week:

Enamay Llebpmac Mashups – This is Radioactive

Weekly Update:
This week’s theme is “Eat the Rich… with gravy”
I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch
I started watching AGDQ 2022
I watched more The Mentalist Season 3
I watched more Marvel What if…? Season 1


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