Media Update 2/3/22

The Legend of Vox Machina

As many people who have been following me for a while know, I love Dungeons and Dragons. That is why I first started watching Critical Role which longtime readers of the blog already know (it’s my most popular post lately). When they kickstarted this cartoon, I was interested but did not know what it would be. It turns out it is a more streamlined animated adaptation of the show that often had five to seven-hour-long episodes. The show captures the charm of the story built by Matthew Mercer and his players but does it in a more direct way. Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Matt Mercer, Liam O’Brien, Marish Ray, Sam Riegel, and Travis Willingham all return. They were all famous voice actors when they started Critical Role so it is natural that they would reprise their roles. They are joined by a surprisingly all-star cast with actors like Stephanie Beatriz and David Tennant and also old friends like Khary Payton and Grey Griffin. The show is definitely a hard R but it is a lot of fun. I recommend this show.


A lot of people downplayed this movie but I really liked it. This is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but has little connection to established lore (which expands the cosmic lore). Heroes from space must face horrible abominations but all is not as it seems. Part of what makes this movie so enjoyable to watch is the great ensemble cast. Gemma Chan is arguably the lead character as the empathetic and heroic character. The other lead is Richard Madden who is good at being the stone-faced archetypal hero. However, the rest of the cast is so full of great performances from Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kumai Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Ma Dong-seok, Harish Patel, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, and Bill Skarsgard. Small bits from Kit Harrington and Harry Styles are great too. The movie has an epic feel but stars a lot of grounded and relatable characters. There was the usual mix of drama, comedy, and action that Marvel has become known for. I recommend this movie.

Only two this week!

Music of the Week:

Lissy Taylor – Quiet Rage

Melaleuca – Impossible Girl

wanting, getting, wanting – DEMONDICE

2G Ali – Midnight

Mashup of the Week:

Mashups and Remixes by Rich – Wrecking Heroes

Weekly Update:

This week’s theme is “Team Up to Save the Day”
I watched a ton of YouTube and Twitch
I watched more AGDQ 2022
I started The Mentalist Season 5


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