Poor Unfortunate Souls: Agrabah Pt. 8

Jasmine had laid all of the papers out in what looked like the main chamber. It was the biggest open space, at least. She and others set to work pouring through everything to figure out what they could do. Jasmine’s father had made sure that she received a rounded education which included reading in several languages and mathematics. She had not been tutored in magic but her adventures with Aladdin had given her a bit of a crash course. Anybody not looking over the papers worked to set up a defensive perimeter under the watchful eye of Genie or worked to tend to the wounded under the supervision of Elsa.

Jasmine had assembled quite an eclectic group to help her figure things out. An elderly robed man had introduced himself as Merlin, a court magician in a place called England and a lifelong student and teacher of the magic arts. There was also a trio of fairy sisters who called themselves Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. They seemed to fight a lot but that competition seemed to drive them toward the right answer. An elderly woman named Alma claimed to be the matriarch of the Madrigal family. Finally, there was a skeletal woman named Imelda who was really nice to talk to as soon as one got over her unnerving appearance.

Jasmine and her fellow scholars kept showing each other pages as they slowly organized things and the puzzle came closer to being solved. In the end, it was the fairy Flora and the wizard Merlin who figured it all out. They found that the requisite floor markings were already there and the incantations were deceptively simple. The fairy who called herself Ella’s Fairy Godmother did the actual spellcasting. Jasmine watched it all with amazement. The portal opened with a rushing sound and filled the place with a bright light. Jasmine could see flickering images on the surface of the portal but none of them made any sense.

“The portal has been stabilized,” Merlin said as if that was something he said every day. “One simply has to focus it to arrive at a particular destination.”

“And how do we do that?” Jasmine asked.

“You just need to focus on your heart’s desire,” Flora said. “I’m sure you know how to do that, Princess.”

Jasmine thought about that, remembering the moment she had confronted her father about wanting to marry Aladdin and how that convinced him to change the rules. She had been ready to marry Aladdin no matter what but had been relieved by her father’s change of heart. Thinking of that only reminded her of her duty to her country.

“I can’t just leave to follow my heart’s desire,” Jasmine said. “I have responsibilities here. We need to start sending people home to make sure their own lands are safe. They have been prisoners here for too long.” Besides that, Jasmine was sure a lot of the people here knew a lot about their heart’s desire. She got the feeling that the prison had held only the people who were most dangerous to Gothel’s plans. Whether they were strong, smart, or magical, they all seemed to be heroes of some sort.

“A noble sentiment, your highness,” Mattias said. “I know there is a reason that I followed you into battle.” There Mattias was standing next to Elsa to whom he had been loyal before Jasmine.

Jasmine smiled. “Will you go first, Mattias?” she asked. “You may be needed in your Arendelle. You as well, Queen Elsa.”

“I’ll stick around a little longer,” Elsa said. “but I would appreciate you returning to Arendelle to check on our people, Mattias. If my sister is there, assure her that I am alright. If she is not, I will bring the true Queen of Arendelle back with me soon. I promise.”

“I can’t refuse an order from a Queen,” Mattias said. “I guess I will go first. Good luck to you all.”

Mattias stood in front of the portal and took a deep breath. The flickering images started to calm until they stabilized into an image of the tall spires of Castle Arendelle. Mattias and Elsa gasped and Jasmine could see how brightly they smiled with relief. Mattias looked back at Elsa and saluted and, without another word, stepped through the portal. He was gone and the portal resumed flickering.

“Alright,” Jasmine said. “I suppose we should start getting these people home. Let’s get people organized and start giving them their heart’s desire.”

She turned to the crowd and started beckoning over people to explain how things were going to work. Elsa, Merlin, Flora, and many others did the same.

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