2022 Theme Reveal

This is my eighth A to Z Blogging Challenge since I was convinced by a friend to start in 2015. My blog has grown a lot since I started and my life has changed radically as well. Hell, I have changed radically. However, having this event to do each year helps to inspire my writing and also allows me to examine how I absorb pop culture because this year I am once again (for the third year in a row) doing the theme of


I am mostly done planning out the month of April and have even completed two posts so far. None of my fanfiction has adult themes in it and is definitely devoid of sex (but not romance). Each story will be a little snapshot into an idea I had which makes each piece at most 1000 words. The subjects of my stories this year range pretty far and wide.

Here are a few that I will be tackling
DC Comics (including a movie pitch)
Marvel Comics (mostly MCU)
The Mentalist
Jenny LeClue
Lord of the Rings
New Charmed
and more!

So get ready for some fanfiction. Starting in April. Get Ready.

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5 Responses to “2022 Theme Reveal”

  1. JazzFeathers Says:

    True, eh? This will be my eighth challenge too, and so many things have changed during these years. But I like to do the challenge. It’s a kind of tradition on my blog. So here I am.
    Love your theme. I dont’ think I’ve ever read fanfic on the challenge in all these years.

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  2. Tarkabarka Says:

    Yay! Welcome back to the challenge once again 🙂 Fan fiction is an excellent theme!The Multicolored Diary


  3. TheDreamGirlWrites Says:

    Marvel, DC and the Mentalist!!!!??
    Can’t wait to read your posts!!


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